Will victims and law-abiding New Yorkers ever get the criminal justice they deserve or will progressives continue to dismantle law and order in New York State?

State lawmakers don’t expect changes to bail reform until budget passage.   The budget is required by March 31 (albeit, it has been later than the 31st of March).  Some think the Criminal Justice Reform Act won’t be addressed until petitions are filed on April 2.  Will they pay attention to today’s Siena Poll that says New York voters have turned against bail reform by a 49%-37% margin?  Or will they continue to listen to the progressive movement that longs for even more “justice” for “alleged” criminals?  Op-Ed: New York’s bail reform disaster is about to become a major election issueAnger over new no-bail law killing LI Dems but progressives don’t care.  Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis has an Op-Ed on Townhall.com explaining how the Radical Left Wreaks Havoc on New York’s Criminal Justice System.  Please make your voice heard:  sign our petition today.  Please have everyone you know sign it also.  Thank you for helping keeping New Yorkers’ safe.

An interesting aside regarding today’s Siena Poll, is that when asked in April about the new Criminal Justice Reform Act that just passed, 55% of the respondents supported the law, while 38% did not.  Quite a turnaround when people realized what it entails.  Today’s poll also indicates overwhelming support for a dozen of Cuomo’s State of the State proposals and a boost to his favorability and job performance ratings.  One can’t help but wonder, as residents learn what these progressive plans cost and how they effect their daily lives, will they still support them and him?  Once people understand the consequences, I doubt Governor Cuomo will ride the wave of true success.

Progressive Petards; When the Left has to live according to its own rules, it will rue the loss of the civilization it destroyed.

Protecting illegal immigrants is more important to the democrats in the legislature than protecting the legal citizens who live here.  Another heavy-handed government law that ignores the rights of citizenship.

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Why Laws Against Hate Speech Are Dangerous. 

Amid red ink and spending demands, Cuomo set to unveil 2020 budget.

Millions are fleeing high-tax states to pursue a low-cost American Dream.

As E. J. McMahon explains in his Op-Ed in today’s NY Post, it isn’t only the taxes that are hurting upstate New York’s job prospects…thereby forcing people to move out of New York.    Have you registered to attend our 53rd  Annual Conference yet?  Hurry, it is this coming Sunday and Monday.  Register here, to hear great speakers like E. J. McMahon and others to learn how we can make New York great again.

This is a great common-sense editorial, in the Jamestown Post-Journal,  that really should not have to be written:  Bills Should Be In Final Form Before Vote Is Taken,  but, unfortunately it had to be.

Today’s NNY360 has another good editorial well worth the read.  Stop dreaming: Cuomo, Democrats hurt economy with goal of workers’ utopia.

New York AG Letitia James’ obscene attack on the NYPD.

Dems respect the Constitution only when it suits them.    Any doubts?  Immigrant New Yorkers authorized to work in U.S. may get voting rights in city elections under proposed Council bill.  Constitution, what Constitution?

Charles Schumer’s 1999 letter about impeachment comes back to bite him.

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President’s impeachment trial has begun with bitter dispute over rules.

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