Chairman Kassar’s wrap up includes the USMCA, Bail Reform Flop and our upcoming Conference.

Senate Passes USMCA

President Trump scored his second trade victory in as many days as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement was passed by the Senate Thursday replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement. The New USMCA passed 89-10. This comes shortly after China and the United States signed phase one of a new trade deal in which China will purchase an additional $200 billion worth of goods from the U.S.

The new trade agreement, known as the USMCA, is expected to generate an increase in U.S. agriculture imports while maintaining the duty-free access for a majority of U.S. goods sent to Mexico and Canada while increasing America’s agricultural exports by an estimated $2.2 billion.

As to be expected, Senator Chuck Schumer, although praising the deals “very good labor provisions,” couldn’t handle giving the President another win without opposition. Although the bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, he was one of the 10 nay votes.

The passage of the USMCA provided yet another boost to the market as it surpassed 29,335 Friday. The Trump economy continues to grow and shatter records.

U.S. home building surged to a 13 year high, black and Hispanic unemployment rates remain at record lows, while nationally the unemployment rate continues to hover around a 50 year low.

Americans are winning in the Trump economy.

Bail Reform Fails

It has been 17 days since sweeping bail reform legislation took affect throughout New York, and it is clear the hastily done bill has fallen short and poses a direct danger to residents.

The reformed law completely strips judges of their ability to set cash bail requirements for crimes considered to be non-violent. Though many of the offenders released are dangerous and pose a threat to innocent lives.

One of the beneficiaries of New York State Senate and Assembly Democrats is Anthony Hart. Hart was arrested in November and charged with 4th degree arson, but released soon after due to the pending changes. 4th degree arson is now just one of the dozens of crimes judges no longer have the authority to set bail for. Hart was re-arrested earlier this month and charged with the rape of a 14-year-old girl.

In another tragic story, Maria “Rosie” Osai, was killed by a drunk driver on Christmas Eve in Rockland County. The driver, an illegal immigrant operating the vehicle with no license while under the influence, was “arrested, detained, and released all before her three kids knew she had died on the streets like a dog”, said Osai’s cousin, Sheila Harris.

Unfortunately, this is just a small look at what has transpired since the bill officially took affect January 1.

Senate Republican-Conservatives have called for an immediate repeal of the law, but Democrat on a party line vote, refuse to even consider it.

The Conservative Party is committed to speaking out against this short sided and hastily done bail reform. Please sign our petition to repeal criminal justice reform. We will not stay silent and we will fight for law abiding citizens.

CPPAC 2020

We are looking forward to our 53rd Annual Political Action Conference in Latham, NY. We have an impressive slate of speakers scheduled that bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience in numerous fields.

The incredible list of speakers includes:

Elise Stefanik, Congresswoman from New York’s 21st district and New York State Trump 2020 Chairwoman. Rep. Stefanik cemented herself as a leading figure in the fight against Democrat Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi as they worked to impeach our dually elected President, Donald Trump.

John McLaughlin, CEO of McLaughlin & Associates, and pollster to the President. John will be in to discuss the President’s re-election and trends as he sees them heading into the 2020 election cycle.

John Brabender, Chief Creative Officer at BrabenderCox, and Consultant to Vice President Mike Pence. John will be in to give a special presentation that to date has only been presented to President Trump and his Senior Advisors.

Morgan Zegers, founder of Young Americans against Socialism and former New York State Assembly District 113 candidate at just 21 years old. Morgan ran an incredible race and came up just short of unseating the incumbent Democrat. Morgan is a rising start in Conservative politics and will be a force for years to come.

Mike Pregent, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute and former intelligence officer with over 28 years’ experience working security, terrorism, counter-insurgency, and policy issues in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia. Mike is an expert in Middle East and North Africa political and security issues. He will discuss all things Iran and Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian General designated as a terrorist by the United States and killed earlier this month by the US Armed Forces.

Maria Maffucci, Editor of the Human Life Review. Maria has been a staunch protector of human life with editorials appearing in the Human Life Review, First Things, National Review Online and National Review.

We will be joined by many more fascinating guests and I strongly encourage you to register here. This is one of the most impressive guest lists I can remember and you won’t want to miss it!

The New York State Conservative Party would like to congratulate new Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay. We look forward to working with Leader Barclay and helping re-store a common-sense Legislature in Albany that works for the hardworking, law abiding, taxpayers all over New York State.

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