Governor Cuomo is giving New Yorkers lip service on the Criminal Justice problem while unwaveringly standing with progressives.

And it continues:  New York’s utter criminal justice madness.  Bob McManus has an excellent article in today’s New York Post taking Governor Cuomo to task regarding the “get-out-of-jail-free” mess but doesn’t stop with Governor Cuomo.  McManus writes “Certainly, as it is becoming increasingly clear, Albany doesn’t care.”  He then mentions how Speaker Heastie and Senate Leader Stewart-Cousins have no real desire to address the problem.  All the more reason for you and everyone you know sign our petition.  Governor Cuomo and the members of the legislature have to know that people are truly concerned about cashless bail and the outrageous new 15-day discovery mandate.  We must stand together, for rest assured, the progressives that pushed this disgraceful bill are and pushing back.  If, for one minute one thinks this is not the democrat controlled legislature, think again.

Another problem we face in New York State; Man charged in murder of 92-year-old Queens woman in country illegally: Officials.  Why wasn’t ICE there to detain/deport him?  Sanctuary cities – another progressive ideal that puts New Yorkers in harms way.  Advocates call on state lawmakers to outlaw ICE arrests at courthouses.  If a person does not respect the rule of law for entry, why would anyone believe that they will respect any of the laws of the country they entered?

When did the democratic party forget the battle cry of James Carvell: It’s the economy, S****d?  We have to adopt, It’s the spending, Gov. Cuomo, that is driving residents to other states.  New York spends twice as much as Florida to keep things running.

The state is over $6 billion in debt, but that doesn’t concern Governor Cuomo as he announces the NYS flag should be changed.  New York’s flag has been the same for a century. Why Andrew Cuomo wants to change it.  Maybe he is embarrassed that NY’s motto is Excelsior – translation:  ever upward and our population has been ever downward since his election to the executive chamber.

Trump campaign names Elise Stefanik, five others honorary NY chairs; and Congresswoman Stefanik is speaking at CPPAC!  Have you registered yet?  Click here to register on line.

Is anyone surprised that Congressmen Schiff and Nadler are named by Speaker Pelosi as 2 of the 7 house managers named?  Does anyone believe they will be fair?  Or able to make a better case when presenting the opening statements? Neither do we.

While the Democrats play the Impeachment game, President Donald J. Trump signs a new trade agreement with China.  One thing is certain, President Trump will not hesitate to make China keep their end of the negotiations.

Wow.  I’m at a loss for words:  Justin Trudeau’s disgraceful new low: chiming in with Iran’s propaganda.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.


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