With apologies to Clint Eastwood – The Good (haven’t found any yet), the Bad (lots) and the Ugly (nothing on eliminating the deficit) of Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State.

Cuomo dodges bail-reform issues in State of the State address.   The hottest topic in New York State and Gov. Cuomo can’t find the words to talk about it in the State of the State?  The man only hears progressive voices who kiss his ring; those who dare to have a differing view are told they have no place in New York.  Believe me, he will only give the groundswell of people calling for changes in the Criminal Justice Reform bill lip service…until time runs out.  Tell the Governor: Government’s responsibility is to protect her citizens:  Sign our petition here.

Sheriff Cites Recidivism in Release of Accused Under Bail Reform Laws.

Surprisingly, not everyone agrees that the Criminal Justice Reform is a dangerous new law, here is the opinion of an esteemed former judge.  I fail to see her reasoning on the discovery portion of the bill. How is anyone, especially victims and/or witnesses safer when the alleged criminal is given the phone number, including a cell phone number, the exact address of the victim and/or witness within 15 days when they have be released on cashless bail?  If the crime took place in the home of the victim, it has to remain exactly as it was until the alleged perpetrator can examine the premises.  Sign our petition today.  Have your family and friends sign it as well.  Thank you for taking a stand against this insanity.

Cuomo Details Proposal for New Domestic Terrorism Criminal Charge to NY Penal Law.   Unfortunately, the hate crimes that are now on the books are not applied evenly and everyone should be concerned that another law will not change the problem.  The state has to do more to eliminate the “need” for more hate crime legislation and much more to help the mentally unstable people who lash out on innocent people.  There are many parts to the growing problem, adding another law will do absolutely nothing to prevent domestic terrorism other than making politicians feel like they accomplished something.

Ouch.  If the Governor has his way; your property taxes will skyrocket!  Cuomo targets Medicaid spending at local level to close $6B budget deficit.

The City-Journal explains the problems with the Governor’s plan to expand Penn Station.  Stuck in Limbo

Michelle Williams and the over-normalization of abortion.

This is precisely why journalists must verify facts in reporting, not write their opinion in articles that are not clearly labeled opinion.  A reporter verifies the topic and then reports the who, what, where, when, and why, when verified.  Opinions are on the editorial page and are not limited to the 5 w’s.

How the Left Manipulates Language to Defeat Conservatives

How the 2010s Became the Decade of Debt

Trump restores deterrence with Iran.

Trump on Iran: Appeasement Is Over

What’s Next for the US and Iran

Madam Speaker:  Forcing US Troops from Iraq Will be a Victory for ISIS, Iran

Sen. Thom Tillis: Iran War Powers Resolution is dangerous, returns us to appeasement posture.

Newt Gingrich: US vs Iran: Liberals don’t get that we’ve been at war for 40 years – But Trump does

This one is filed under disgraceful:  NYT Reporter: In Iran, Soleimani’s Death Is Like MLK’s Death in America.  Maybe he should read this by Rep. Will Hurd: Iran is not a victim.

File this under the Good News column:  ‘Economic espionage’: Special DOJ unit cracks down on China’s illicit activities.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams

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