Help the democrats see the light on Criminal Justice Reform…

Have you ever noticed when the news is negative about the Governor (Criminal Justice Reform) he just happens to be in the right place to save a person in distress?

Bob McManus opines in today’s NYPost that Cuomo, de Blasio see the light on the lunatic new bail law; however, I wouldn’t count on it.  Yes, the public understands the ramifications of the “lunatic” new bail law, and there is little doubt the Legislature’s back is up against a wall, but the progressives are fighting back just as hard and until the cry from the public is overwhelming, they have the upper hand.  Any doubt?  Read this.   Add your voice to the thousands that are demanding change:  click here for our petition.   Thank you.

Nicole Gelinas writes that Embracing ‘no-bail’ law is Cuomo’s first huge political mistake as gov, and Ms. Gelinas is certainly right when she uses the word huge.

The Beat explains why reform is needed for the reforms.

Chris Churchill notes in his column that the “state’s population is decreasing in alarming fashion.”

Forbes’ Best States For Business: See New York’s Ranking.  (Does anyone wonder why New Yorkers are fleeing in an alarming fashion?)

National Review’s, Jim Geraghty, has an excellent article, Iran, Again, well worth the read.

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Pompeo Wrecks MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell for Portraying America as the Real Threat to Iranian Culture.

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