America welcomes 2020 with new resolve to keep her values.

Our daily blog is back!  We hope you all had a joyful holiday season and the New Year brings you and yours good health, more wealth (less taxes), happiness and peace.

Below are some of the articles we found over the holidays that you may have missed and thought that now that things are getting back to normal – Impeachment is still on the radar, turmoil is still rampant in the Middle East, the Democrats running for president still want more of you money to pay for their ideals – you may have time to review the news of the last two weeks.  All told, 2020 brings a lot of hope because as hard as it may seem at times, we are so very privileged to live in a country that feeds the world, strives to keep peace and lets each of her citizens espouse their beliefs without fear of being hauled off and never seen again.

Democrats Seek to Outlaw Suburban, Single-Family House Zoning, Calling It Racist And Bad For The Environment.

Democrats’ solutions all require higher taxes, more regulations. Here’s who gets hurt.

Uncle Sam Is Picking Your Pocket with High Taxes. Democrats Want to Raise Them Even Higher.

The New York Times Reveals the Horrors of Capitalism—By Showing China’s State-Run Hospitals

Democrats peddle doom, but the middle class never had it so good.

6 Reasons for Optimism in 2020.

How the left is trying to resurrect the unnecessary Equal Rights Amendment.

Pelosi’s Impeachment Gamble Is Unconstitutional.

Ex-FBI Deputy McCabe admits to leaking info to media, obstructing probe.

These Former Intelligence Chiefs Fit Perfectly Into Our Media Advocacy Culture.

When the liberal media embraces unethical experts.

Why Trump starts 2020 poised for reelection.

Trump’s Top 10 Achievements for 2019.

Trish Regan: Trump economic strategy will lead to even more market wins in 2020.

Team Trump’s big blow to the college cartel.

Woman whose husband was killed in gun-free zone fights red-flag laws.

Virginia’s Second Amendment Attack.

Marine Corps Authorizes Concealed Carry on Bases Following Recent Shootings.

Cuomo dusts off infeasible plan for high-speed rail from Albany to NYC.

2020 Cuomo’s high-speed flail.

Cuomo: 8 New Tracks to Be Added to NY Penn Station.

NY pols keep digging the state’s pension hole deeper.

LONSBERRY: Falling NY Population Is Part Of Cuomo’s Plan

NY’s Demographic Doldrums.

New York leaders’ lame excuses for the Empire State population drop.

Why New York criminals are celebrating the New Year.

A Serious Threat to New York.

New York’s Thickening Cloud of Violent Crime.

Abolish the Police?

NY Reform Laws Force Prosecutors to Give Victim Names, Contact Info to Criminals.

Bail reform is setting suspects free after string of anti-Semitic attacks.


New York State Blocks ICE and Border Patrol Access to DMV Database.

History Without Truth.   The 1619 Project has been thoroughly discredited, but many professional historians remain reluctant to criticize it.

These Historians Challenge New York Times’ Dubious 1619 Project. 

The World’s Recycling System Is Falling Apart. What’s Going On?

Somebody had to tell Hollywood and Ricky Gervais certainly did last night.  Thank you, Mr. Gervais.  (The difficult, truthful message is always mean more when it is from one of their own.)

Seriously, Madam Speaker?  Who do you represent:  fellow Americans, or the terrorists hell bent on killing us?

2020 — the year is young, we will be strong as we stand united against all terrorism and keep fighting the good fight to keep the American values that made America the country so many valiant warriors have shed their blood to keep.  November 3rd they will know they didn’t die in vain.