Did Barack Obama just open the door for Michelle to rescue the democratic field?

Impeachment is still the dominate news today with no let up in sight.  Here is just a small sampling of what is being written:

Are you beginning to believe that the main stream media is obsessed with the Impeachment and FISA report that the democrats are constantly sending out press releases on?  How can anyone be surprised that President Trump’s approval ratings are going up when all the democrats do is change the “name” of the “crime” President Trump allegedly committed.

Trump, Republicans see major wins as ‘progressive agenda halted’ in defense policy bill

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she’ll probably vote no on Trump’s USMCA.

File this under:  You’ve come a long way since President Obama.  IRS looks to prevent weaponization of donors’ information, doxxing.  Speaking of President Obama, do he and President Clinton have something in common – both wanting to be called “First Gentleman”?  Barack Obama: Women are ‘indisputably better’ than men.

Drug Price Caps Would Deprive Patients of Hope

Exxon’s big court win exposes major malpractice in the New York Attorney General’s Office.

From the Albany Times Union:  Churchill: Store isn’t to blame for West Hill’s violence.  Mr. Churchill is right; a store certainly does not encourage the violence and shouldn’t be closed because of it.  But, try to explain that to the party that never sees that the people who commit crimes are responsible for their actions.

‘Against all common sense’: one judge’s slap at New York’s new no-bail law.   When did democrats start to completely ignore victims?  ‘One-punch law’ loophole allows alleged killer to escape with misdemeanor charge.

This article leaves me speechless.  Sen. Metzger wants ‘sexuality education’ required in grades K-12.  Really, Senator? You want children as young as 5 to be required to be subjected to “sexuality education”?  You need an education in what it means to be a child!!

Changes to NYC elite high school admissions inevitable: State senator.    Aren’t we supposed to bring the education bar higher, not lower it?

Head of minority lawmakers charity an alleged political ‘fixer,’ de Blasio pal.

Today’s Buffalo News editorial: Knee-jerk taxation.