Phase two of the impeachment begins…

As we noted in yesterday’s blog, the criminal justice reformers want more.  Today’s NY Post editorial, Why New York needs to pause criminal-justice reform,  also believes that “… New Yorkers should get to see the impact of the changes already baked into the cake before lawmakers drop yet more wholesale ‘reform.’”

Zack Fink reports that NY lawmakers face calls to reject vote on system of publicly-financed campaigns.  We staunchly believe that your tax dollars should not be used for the campaigns of candidates you do not necessarily support. As Chairman Kassar noted in his statement issued yesterday; “Of all the insults heaped upon New York taxpayers, this one may be the cruelest. Governor Cuomo is forcing New Yorkers to pay for other people’s careers, with money they need themselves. And he did it without the required consent of our duly-elected state legislature.”

Chairman Kassar was on WCNY’s Capitol Press Room yesterday.  You can listen to the program here.

Is anyone shocked by this?  Cuomo has ties to official who dismissed whistleblower’s claim.

No one will be shocked by this either.  Bob McManus explains how Andrew Cuomo stands with America’s energy enemies.

Governor Cuomo caved to the progressive movement once again:  Cuomo Signs Bill to Widen Potential Criminal Liability for Landlords Who Harass Tenants.

The NY Post editorial:  Cuomo must start explaining how he’ll close New York’s $4B Medicaid gap.

9 of the 10 Richest People in the World Are Self-Made Entrepreneurs; and 7 of the 9 are Americans that have created an untold number of jobs that make it possible for families to live a better life.  Yet they are vilified by those who believe government should take the majority of their profits in taxes.

He Grew Up Poor in Chicago. Then Conservative Values Helped Transform His Life.

If it were up to Sen. Warren, the left and right coast would choose the next president, and middle America would be left out.  Warren Plans to End Electoral College by 2024.

The NY Sun opines on the Bloomberg Blackout.

Blinded by extreme dislike of what President Trump is accomplishing, Democrats release Trump impeachment report, blast scheme to ‘solicit foreign interference’ in 2020 race.

Here is Katie Pavlich’s take on the Adam Schiff submission regarding impeachment.

John Stossel gives us an example of how government creates problems.