Did you miss any of these articles over the Thanksgiving break?

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed the company of family and friends while keeping the economy going when shopping on Black Friday.  Today is a catch-up day on our blog; short notations for some of the items you have may have missed over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Kudos to President Trump (and every preceding president) who visits our deployed troops on holidays.  Trump surprises U.S. troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving, announces new talks with Taliban.

‘Unprecedented’ impeachment in election year forces Trump to fight on two fronts.

Democrats’ ugly Christmas present to the nation.

This impeachment drive is a huge political bust for Democrats.

David Limbaugh on New Far Left: Americans Must Resist ‘Tyrannical Bullying’

Anti-Capitalism: Trendy but Wrong

Some British Lessons on ‘Single Payer’ Health Care.

It pays to believe that you can change what goes too far:  In a Blue State, Parents Beat Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed Push.

Millennials Are Fleeing Cities for Refuge from Democrats’ Disasters.

Heather MacDonald wants to know:  Why Are College Students So Afraid of Me?  (Wall Street Journal article, subscription required.)

Your tax dollars are paying for this:  New York City leads the country in illegal Medicaid enrollment.

Jimmy Vielkind write this in the Wall Street Journal (Subscription required) State Comptroller to Cuomo: Come Clean on Medicaid Cuts.

Why Cuomo’s victory over National Grid is a loss for you

One of many of Governor Cuomo’s legacies.  Tom Precious:   Economics aside, a soaring deficit takes shape in Albany

Wow, the fact that innocent New Yorkers will be at risk with the criminal justice reforms just enacted, doesn’t matter at all to these legal defense groups.  NYC legal defense groups want additional criminal justice reforms from Albany.

New York’s new bigots are its anti-Christian lawmakers.

Robert Knight writes about ‘Conservative Obama,’ pregnant men and other liberal media fantasies, in the Washington Times.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams:  Who Are the Racists?