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Statement from Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on
Cuomo Public Finance Commission Report

December 2, 2019

Brooklyn, NY — “If you hate campaign robocalls now, wait till you’re paying for them yourself.

“And you will be, ring, ring — $100 million worth every four years — if Governor Cuomo’s boondoggle of a taxpayer matching fund plan is allowed to stand.

“Handing hard-earned money to politicians for political ads would do nothing to slow corruption. When governments grow as large as New York’s, there are always avenues for larceny. Mr. Cuomo’s backhanded commission proved that yet again.

“Of all the insults heaped upon New York taxpayers, this one may be the cruelest. Governor Cuomo is forcing New Yorkers to pay for other people’s careers, with money they need themselves. And he did it without the required consent of our duly-elected state legislature.

“The Conservative Party continues to question the constitutional authority of this commission to make law, and expects to be back in court on Thursday, December 12. Stay tuned.”