Don’t worry Gov. Cuomo, the third-term curse, is solvable, provided you accept that you caused it and stop catering to the progressive wing of your political party.

The progressive arm of the democratic party pushing for a “wealth tax” is promoting an agenda that will ultimately harm all Americans.

From Bloomberg News:  Give Thanks, Americans. You’re Back to Work.  Perhaps the former NYC Mayor and current presidential candidate should note the headline from the news organization he formed and still plays a major role in how it operates.  (Alas, true to form, it takes an un-necessary poke at President Trump, Mr. Bloomberg’s current nemesis.)

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) in their editorial Bloomberg No News; His reporters won’t investigate Democrats—but Trump is fair game points out the problems that could/will probably occur with Bloomberg’s news organization and Mike Bloomberg’s run for president.

Governor Cuomo, reading some out of state editorials may help you get back on the right track for all New Yorkers.

It is good to be king, isn’t it, Governor Cuomo; everyone does your bidding.  State panel proposes rules for lower fat cat donations in NY races.   (Notice how the change in limits for the gubernatorial races don’t begin until 2026.)

Some things, Governor Cuomo, just cannot hide from:  Ginormous budget holes look to be Andrew Cuomo’s third-term curse.

Ken Girardin writes in the NY Torch how the Grid fails under pressure.

Bill Mahoney writes in Politico:  Everybody — except minor parties — gets something in campaign finance deal.  (Not everybody.  More of your tax dollars will be spent on campaigns that you might not want to support…everyone is so eager to spend our tax dollars.)

From the Daily Signal:  4 Big Questions About the IG Report on FBI Surveillance of Trump Campaign.

Victor Davis Hanson asks the question:  Are Thought Crimes Impeachable?

Obviously, Democrats cannot call for transparency in campaign financing when this is going on.  Dark Money Network Funneled $600 Million to Liberal Initiatives in 2018, but they will when it comes to republican campaigns…or they will have their shills call for transparency.

5 Things to Know About Rep. Elise Stefanik as GOP Lawmaker Fights Democrats on Impeachment

Trump’s impeachment hinges on ‘national interest,’ legal scholars say, writes S.A. Miller in the Washington Times.  The ‘national interest’, as far as most people believe, is that our tax dollars should not be going to a corrupt government, which Ukraine was when Hunter Biden was employed.  Most people, if questioned directly, would believe that President Trump had a moral obligation to protect the tax payers and establish that he knew about the corruption, and wanted them to know he knew, and to be certain it would never happen under his watch.

However, some in the Democratic Majority are blinded by hatred and They Won’t Stop: Jerry Nadler Announces Another Impeachment Hearing with a Special Invitation.

Happy belated (11/24) birthday to Bill Buckley.

Have a safe, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving.  Our daily blog will return on Monday, December 2, 2019.