How will New York face its looming budget shortfall?

Cuomo’s posturing on Long Island natural gas crisis is a real jobs killerBreaking news on the Cuomo National Grid feud:  Cuomo, National Grid reach agreement to lift gas hookup moratorium.

Be prepared:  This will lead to higher taxes, cuts in programs and the budget hole is before the democratic controlled legislature’s wish list in an election year.  New York state faces $6.1 billion budget hole next year: officials.

As if the above isn’t bad enough, add the fact that debt for NY’s local governments tops $43B.

In case you didn’t read yesterday’s NY Post editorial:  The commission rewriting NY campaign law has lost all legitimacy.    Oh, and if the Commission passes campaign finance “reform” it will only add to the huge deficit.

I don’t remember seeing this in any New York papers.  Obviously, this is part of the reason we have a huge budget deficit.  I think New Mexico has the right idea when it comes to pay for legislators; New York should take their lead, but, alas, they followed California’s lead.

The Conservative Party made the difference in Cayuga County by providing the margin of victory to Republican Mike Didio, thereby giving the Republicans a narrow majority in the Legislature.  Kudos to Cayuga!

Justice Reform Coalition Launching ‘Seven Figure’ Educational Campaign About Cash Bail, Discovery Laws.  “The group plans to spend more than a million dollars to get its message directly to citizens. It’s launching a public education campaign that will include video, digital advertisements, direct mail and phone efforts.”  In other words, citizens are too dumb and callous to understand that criminals belong behind bars.  If you don’t want to be in prison, don’t do the crimes that put you there.  Their money would be better spent in helping to prevent the crimes that put people in prison.  As, The Beat notes, the dangers are real!  Even state attorney general Letitia James, a noted progressive, has expressed concerns.

City blocked investigations of de Blasio, Richard Carranza: whistleblowers.

New York’s pathetic excuses for ethics cops.

China going big on coal guarantees the world won’t meet its carbon-cutting goals.  I think we should send Greta Thunberg to China so she can Preach the Gospel of Climate Change there.  Does anyone think she would make that trip?

Larry Horist opines on his blog: Should Trump be concerned about investigations in Ukraine?

From the Daily Signal:  Why the ‘Whistleblower’ Should Testify.

By the way:  Impeachment witnesses agree on one thing: Delay of foreign aid is common practice.

The miracles of modern medicine:  Miracle boy tossed off Mall of America balcony is now ‘walking perfectly’.  We really are the greatest country in the world…with so much to be grateful for as we approach a unique American celebration:  Thanksgiving.