Chairman Kassar’s wrap-up discusses Gov. Cuomo’s reaction to Syracuse University’s crisis; Our Rising Star, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, and the ban on Hydrofracking in NYS.

Cuomo’s Silence is Deafening for Binghamton University and Conservatives Throughout New York.

It wasn’t long ago that Governor Cuomo told conservative minded residents they “have no place in the state of New York,” with that said, it should come as no surprise that the Governor has conveniently remained silent regarding the disgraceful behavior shown on campus at SUNY Binghamton earlier this week.

Arthur Laffer, a renowned economist, was quite literally chased off campus Monday night as bullhorn touting protestors stormed the room and interrupted the speech hosted by the Binghamton University Republican Club.

The Governors silence is especially deafening since he had no problem condemning Syracuse University, a private institute, and its Chancellor Kent Syverud even after the Chancellor and University ordered a full investigation into a white supremacist manifesto that was airdropped to students.

The incidents “have not been handled in a manner that reflects this state’s aggressive opposition to such odious, reckless, and reprehensible behavior,” Cuomo said. Failing to mention that Chancellor Syverud has ordered a full investigation to be carried out by campus safety, Syracuse police and nine officers from the student senate.

I can only imagine Governor Cuomo would be just as interested in the safety of the students at SUNY Binghamton, a state funded University, as he is of the Syracuse University student body. Unfortunately, imagining is the best I can do as the Governor has not mentioned SUNY Binghamton once, sending the same message loud and clear conservatives have “no place in the state of New York.”

Stefanik Shines as Democrats attempt to buy New York’s 21 Congressional District.

 Rep. Elise Stefanik continued to take on her Democratic colleagues this week on Capitol Hill saying the entire impeachment process “reeks of political desperation.”

Rep. Stefanik has received high praise from Conservatives around the country, including President Trump who tweeted “A new Republican star is born,” on Sunday. Her cool and calm demeanor on the Hill, along with her effective questioning and cross examination.

While a guest on the Sean Hannity Show Thursday night, Hannity told Stefanik Republicans were “at their best this week.” That is true and it is true because of the incredible leadership role Rep. Stefanik has taken.

While Stefanik carried out her duties on behalf of the people in NY21, a democratic challenger, Tedra Cobb, officially launched her campaign. Cobb, backed by the liberal Hollywood elite and former Hillary Clinton Senior campaign advisors, have been working overtime to pump cash to Cobbs campaign in an attempt to buy the 21st Congressional seat.

It is clear Tedra Cobb is out of touch with the North Country if she believes Hollywood donors and coastal elite are the keys to winning an election in upstate New York. Stefanik defeated Cobb by 14% just a year ago, I expect an even stronger performance from Rep. Stefanik in 2020.

Conservative Party Holds Press Conference on Hydrofracking

 I was pleased to be joined by members of the Conservative Party Executive Committee, Binghamton’s Mayor Richard C. David, Windsor Town Supervisor, Carolyn Price, and Vice President of the Joint Landowner’s Coalition, Julie Lewis, this past Saturday in Binghamton where we held a press conference to call for the immediate lifting of the statewide ban on hydrofracking.

Recently, the Empire Center for Public Policy reported “newly released federal data on personal income growth last year point to the continued economic weakness of upstate New York.”

In December, 2017 Strata.Org issued a report on A Tale of Two States: The Economic impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing in New York and Pennsylvania. Under the Economic Impacts in New York, the report states “The Hastings paper found that ‘New York’s fracking moratorium is associated with a statistically significant increase in unemployment.’ ” They conclude that their findings are consistent with claims that fracking increases employment opportunities. New York residents are missing out on these opportunities because of the state’s ban on hydraulic fracturing.”

It is incomprehensible that we allow upstate New York’s economy to die because the progressive, left-wing movement has convinced Governor Cuomo that banning hydrofracking is in the best interest of New Yorkers. But it is not just upstate feeling the effects. Long Island, who is experiencing a severe gas shortage, would greatly benefit from lifting the ban.

It is in the best interest of New Yorker’s to lift the ban and allow residents all over the state to prosper. I, along with the Conservative Party, will continue to fight until the Governor does the right thing.

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