Will former VP Joe Biden’s faux pas be his downfall?

This makes it very evident that there is more work to be done by the Trump Administration to weed out the misuse of taxpayers dollars:  Feds Hosted Meditation, Massage, and Social Justice Retreat for 450 Employees, Including IRS Workers.

JCOPE is NOT an independent government agency. Simple fact of life; anytime elected officials name who will be on a commission, a temporary commission or the controlling body of an agency, that entity will not be independent.  Heastie’s counsel contacted ethics commissioner after Percoco vote.

Bob McManus shines the light on Cuomo’s disgraceful silence on the outrages at SUNY Binghamton.

The Wall Street Journal’s (subscription required) editorial board:  Adam Schiff, Founding Father;

The chief impeacher tries to redefine ‘bribery’ under the law.

James T. Knight II reminds us of the importance of the Ninth Amendment in his National Review column.

Former Mayor Bloomberg files papers to run in 2020, but his team says he still hasn’t decided to run.  (Just what America needs, a man who can’t decided what to do…unless it is a large soda or how much salt one can put on/in their food!)  But, run or not Bloomberg will drop $20M to defeat Trump in battleground states.

Why did he even accept the invitation, didn’t he know that Atlanta was hosting the debate across town?  Deval Patrick Cancels Atlanta Event After Only Two People Show Up.

Former VP Biden, according to the latest Siena Poll, is the favored candidate of New York’s democrats.  Maybe, New York democrats are not paying enough attention to his most recent debate faux pas:  Biden Slams Trump for Withheld Aid, Ignores Obama Admin’s Ukraine Policy and Joe Biden says we need to ‘keep punching’ at domestic violence.

Steyer Spent $6.2 Million for Every Minute of Debate Speaking Time.  Do we really want him watching over our tax dollars?

Do Americans really want to go down this road? What High-Tax Europe Really Looks Like

The Secular Religion of Socialism.  Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should read this, especially the very last sentence.

Chris Stigall introduces us to two men in the professional world of sports world who can (and should) be admired:  Character Makes A Comeback.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.