Upstate Economy Is Dying; The Best Way to Change This is by Lifting the Ban on Hydrofracking.

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November 16, 2016
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Upstate Economy Is Dying;
The Best Way to Change This is by Lifting the Ban on Hydrofracking.
But Governor Cuomo Continues to Refuse to Provide a Life Line

 Binghamton, NY – The Empire Center for Public Policy recently reported that  “newly released federal data on personal income growth last year point to the continued economic weakness of upstate New York.”  While there are many reasons for this lack of economic growth, one of the most predominate reasons for the lack of new jobs is due to the statewide ban on hydrofracking.  The Conservative Party of New York State calls for an immediate lifting of the statewide ban on hydrofracking.

In December, 2017 Strata.Org issued a report on A Tale of Two  States: The Economic impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing in New York and Pennsylvania.  Under the Economic Impacts in New York, the report states “The Hastings paper found that ‘New York’s fracking moratorium is associated with a statistically significant increase in unemployment.’ ” They conclude that their findings are consistent with claims that fracking increases employment opportunities.  New York residents are missing out on these opportunities because of the state’s ban on hydraulic fracturing.”

The report also notes “New York’s ban on fracking has done little to curb its appetite for natural gas, however.   “Nearly two-thirds of all-natural gas imported to New York in 2016 came from Pennsylvania.”  Despite the fact that the Southern Tier also sits on the Marcellus Shale.  End the hydrofracking ban, now!

The report concludes with this “Much of that natural gas could have been produced within the state while providing jobs for New Yorkers. It also could have provided tax revenue for rural communities and the state government and spurred investment in those areas as well. Instead, those benefits have been outsourced to neighboring states.”

Long Island has a severe shortage of natural gas and Governor Cuomo recently told National Grid to provide gas or lose your license.  Governor Cuomo’s instance on the hydrofracking ban is partially to blame for the severe shortage.  And it is his ban on hydrofracking that is partially to blame for the dying economy in upstate New York.

Carolyn Price, Town Supervisor of Windsor and an activist for fracking and pipelines, had this to say, ““As the Town Supervisor of a town that’s across the border from Susquehanna County, I’ve seen the benefits that hydrofracking has brought to that County.  The two pipelines that are in the Town of Windsor have brought great benefit to the town.  the Town of Windsor currently ranks #8 out of 977 towns and cities in New York State for tax base growth, largely due to the natural gas infrastructure in the Town.”

Julie Lewis, the vice president of the Joint Landowner’s Coalition, noted that “The Cuomo administration has egregiously cost New York’s Southern Tier millions if not billions of dollars in lost opportunities by banning fracking, while our neighbors to the South have reaped multiple benefits.  NY passed the 2019 Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act with the goal of banning fossil fuels like natural gas in an effort to force its citizens to pay for more expensive renewable energy.”

Chairman Kassar concluded with these facts:

  • PA Landowners have been able to improve their properties and set aside money for the future;
  • Local PA governments have received millions of dollars in impact fees collected from drilling activity allowing them to improve infrastructure and other large projects;
  • Drilling companies in PA have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities;
  • Businesses, particularly oil and gas and supportive industries, have been relocating or expanding in PA;
  • PA in contrast to NY, has authorized a PIPE Grant program that encourages natural gas expansion for the benefit of communities that have never had natural gas service.

It is incomprehensible that upstate New York’s economy is forced to slowly die because the progressive, left-wing movement has convinced Governor Cuomo that banning hydrofracking is in the best interest of New Yorkers.   The best interest of all New Yorkers is to end the hydrofracking ban, Governor, and let upstate prosper.



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