If Congressman Schiff really thinks this impeachment will pass he needs a refresher course in: Impeachment 101

There is an old saying that If you tell a lie long enough, people will come to believe it.

Cuomo Says Upstate Is Booming, New Report Shows More of the Picture.   Governor Cuomo, did you not see this column:  After years of failed promises, SUNY Poly sells former Kodak facility.   I guess you missed this also:  Buffalo Billion Goes Bust; Now Worth 8¢ on the Dollar, Empirezuela Is Next.

Cuomo’s latest bid to dodge blame for Long Island’s natural-gas crisis.

Cuomo blows a natural gasket.

Cuomo’s AWOL in saying what he’ll do about New York’s huge Medicaid problem.

It is time for you, Governor Cuomo, to face reality:  You’ve lost your “Mo-Jo” and it is time for you to face the reality that New York is in deep financial trouble due to your unsustainable need to please progressives and your inability to continue to pull the wool of the eyes of New Yorker’s.

Kearns Continues to Challenge Green Light Law, Moves Forward with Appeal.

Angry GOP, Conservative officials seek early election for Collins seat.

Goodwin: Adam Schiff’s dull impeachment hearings are a flop.

Adam Schiff is wasting the nation’s time with impeachment hearings.

10 reasons why this impeachment ‘inquiry’ is really a coup.

Dems trot out new charge as initial focus of impeachment hearings falls flat.

 Democrats’ word games show they can’t find a true impeachable offense.

Fred Lucas writes about 6 key moments from the first day of public Impeachment Hearings, for the Daily Signal.

Roger Kimball writes about a tale of two quids.

Revealed: Millions in payments to Hunter Biden.

Lo and behold can this be?  CNN Legal Analyst: You Know, Schiff’s Witness Testimony Is Actually Problematic.

John Tierney writes in City Journal about Journalists Against Free Speech; Once unswerving defenders of the First Amendment, members of the press increasingly support restricting expression.

Take it from a man who knows the health care industry:  How ‘Medicare for All’ Would Make Your Health Care Worse, Not Better.

Clarence Thomas: An exceptional American who defied the odds

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams:  Young People Ignorant of History.