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Election Day!  If you have not voted yet, please vote now.  Send a message by voting on the Conservative Party line.  If you don’t know where to vote, click here.  Remember, all politics are local, so make you voice heard in today’s local elections.

Without Free Speech, All Speech Becomes Government Speech.

Why is it that our youth are drawn to socialism?    Here is a video, that provides hope that not all our youth is lost.  It was made by a young man who lived under a socialist regime and explains why our system of government is still the shining light on the hill.  If we do not exercise our right to vote, we will be the cause of extinguishing the shining light on the hill.  The same one George Soros – who used our free market system to become a billionaire – is doing his best to smother.   George Soros plays where it really makes a difference – the safety of residents.

How despicable is it when government purposely hurts their citizens in order to keep control?  Unfortunately, this article is not about a Third World country, rather it is about our own.  Charles Hurt opines in the Washington Times on how deep in the swamp Pelosi Bonaparte really is.

Betsy McCaughey writes that Pelosi’s impeachment rules guarantee a partisan circus.

Andrew McCarthy: Trump impeachment inquiry’s sneaky next chapter – Get ready for THIS.

Chris Farrell writes in the Gatestone Institute International about a corrupt resolution’s damning consequences.

Robert Knight writes in the Washington Times that the left looks to own all three branches of government in 2020.

Senator Ben Sasse Just Issued a Terrifying Warning About Mexico.

Mark Mills opines in the NY Post on why Chuck Schumer is completely wrong about electric cars.

Nation’s Report Card Shows Why We Should Get Washington Out of Education.

Bob McManus’ latest column:  With O’Neill’s resignation, who’s going to clean up de Blasio’s mess now?

Governor Cuomo reverts to his “I didn’t know anything” when slammed by politicians of all stripes for the early release of prisoners.

Ken Girardin writes in the Empire Center’s NY Torch that the state blows smoke to hide wind costs.

More about The Devine Plan that we wrote about yesterday.  It is only playing tomorrow, see it, if you can.

Research Finds Conservatives Are More Happy, Generous, And Purposeful Than Liberals.