Election Day is tomorrow and your only real chance to be heard by elected officials. Make your voice count; Vote on the Conservative Party Line.

Two headlines in today’s NY Post are disheartening, to say the least, as to the future of New York: Nearly 900 city inmates may be freed even before bail-reform law takes effect and Bronx judge releases ‘gun-blasting thugs’ with no bail.  Total democratic control, in New York City and New York State, is doing long term harm; who would want to open a new business, keep their families here or travel to see all that New York has to offer, when we have a government that protects predators rather than the innocent?  The old saying, “you get what you pay for” is playing out.  Tomorrow is Election Day, vote as if you future depends on it, because it does.  Written for Pennsylvania readers, but true in every state.

NYC lawmakers to speak at kink-themed fundraiser for sex workers’ rights group.

Commissioner James O’Neill stepping down from NYPD and NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea to be named next commissioner.  Does it really matter, as long as Mayor de Blasio and the NYC Council continue to tie NYPD’s hands behind their backVOTE NO ON NYC BALLOT PROPOSAL # 2. (For a complete list of our recommendations on the NYC Ballot Proposals click here.)

As voters, you make a difference when you vote on the Conservative Party line.  It really does send a message to those elected that you support the common sense values that protect the innocent and want a government that allows the entrepreneurial spirit to soar.  Fusion voting in New York State carries that message loud and clear.

The Daily Gazette Editorial: Voters win when they have more choices.

The Times Union Editorial:  A good cause, corrupted.

Fred LeBrun opines in the Albany Times Union:  Cuomo’s faults all his own.

Seriously, Gov. Cuomo?  How could you even think, let alone, say this?  Oh, I forgot, you need to pander to the left.

Goodwin: De Blasio, Cuomo show sneering hostility as Trump leaves New York.

Democrats are stealing old ideas from Europe just as Europe abandons them.

Bill Hammond lets us know who benefited from Medicaid hikes.

Rich Lowry has a lesson in history for the leftist;  Surprise ‘Hamilton’ fans: the Founding Father was a nationalist

This woman is a disgrace to womanhood; cold and heartless.

Here’s How Poor Land Management Is Leading to Bigger California Fires.

If you can, make plans to see this movie, at the present time, only available on November 6, 2019: A president and a pope: an unlikely pair who combine deep faith with political acumen and a shared revulsion for the evil of Soviet Communism.

Cayuga County recently lost a steadfast conservative who will be sorely missed.  RIP Billy Kufs.