How pathetic is it that Speaker Pelosi laid the groundwork for a Kangaroo Court?

What happened earlier today in Washington, DC is a really shameful, mindboggling mess.  When I listened to the Speaker of the House, her voice dripping with honey- coated sincerity, wrapping herself  in honoring what America is, describing America as a Democracy while America is a Republic.  In a republic, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, prohibits the government from limiting or taking away certain “inalienable” rights of the people, even when the government is voted for by a majority of the people. In democracies, those elected have almost limitless power over the minority (think Venezuela).  This explains why Ms. Pelosi believes America is a democracy (trying to convince Americans that she knows best), while we know America as a Republic that places the Constitution and Bill of Rights as laid out by our Founding Fathers to limit the role of government.  Eventually every elected official must and will answer to the people who placed them in office, hopefully it will not be by a kangaroo court.

House Formalizes Impeachment Inquiry in Party-Line Vote.

Conrad Black opines in the NY Sun:   Sordid Ruse Is All That’s Left of Impeachment.

Daniel Oliver opines on laws, guns, and freedom, bureaucrats fight to overrule the people.

Richard W. Rahn:  Democratic candidates’ proposals destroy American liberties.

Is it any wonder why the left tries to ban Dennis Prager?  The Dangerous Lessons the Left Is Teaching Our Kids?

Those who think America is a pure democracy do not only serve on the federal level.  New York is now in the hands of Governor Andrew Cuomo and he also thinks and acts like New York is a democracy.  Political theater: Public Financing Commission overshadowed by party politics.  Lucky for us, New York is part of the United States and is subject to the laws of the land.  Thus, we are in court to remind everyone in government that we are not a pure democracy.

Seriously, while still in prison?  NY lawmaker introduces bill that would give prisoners the ability to vote.

Need a reason not to vote early?  Prominent Saratoga Democrats Support Republican as Allegations Swirl in Public Safety Race.

This is outrageous.  Have the jurors heard of contributory negligence?  Oh, that’s right, NYS doesn’t believe in contributory negligence.  Do the jurors understand this is TAX MONEY paying him?  Simply outrageous.  Heroin addict allegedly drags NYPD cop with his car — and wins $11 million in court.