Did you know there are “sanctuary cities” you will support?

The New York Times:  Democrats’ Secret Plan to Kill Third Parties in New York.

Stephen Moore: Trump economy surges and Biden and Obama hog the credit.

The pathetic push to deny Trump credit for getting Baghdadi.

The Beat examines Sen. Schumer’s push for electric cars in Battery Flattery.

Kamikaze Schumer Wants to Repeal Private Health Insurance.

What are they teaching our young ones if 1 in 3 millennials view communism favorably?

This federal Judge, appointed by President Jimmy Carter, is using common sense.  Judge reopens Covington Catholic teen’s $250 million lawsuit against Washington Post.  Let’s hope Nicholas Sandmann gets his day in court.

Here is a thoughtful and reasonable editorial from National Review:  The Deficit Is a Popularity Problem.

Just let this headline sink in for a minute:  Castro Open to Quid Pro Quo for Israeli Aid.  (what’s good for the gooses, isn’t good for the gander?)

Normally when a conservative hears the words “sanctuary city” their blood pressure rises a bit because of the lack of respect for the US Constitution, however, these “sanctuary cites for the unborn” will cheer your heart.

‘Dangerous and Foolish’: How Legal Vote Harvesting Prompts Illegal Conduct by Political Operatives.

City Journal examines Climate Stalinism.

I am beginning to think that the Democratic Party has a death wish:  Dems Release Impeachment Resolution That Puts Adam Schiff in the ‘Driver’s Seat’