How much do you know about the new NYS criminal justice reforms?

Signs that America’s finally facing the urban mental illness crisis.

Unfortunately, this is the future in New York State.  With or without a Judge having political connections – and quite honestly, which Judge does not have political connections – this is what the democratic controlled legislature wanted when it passed criminal justice reform.  Once again, read what Ulster County DA D. Holley Carnwrite wrote about the bill here.  I find it ironic that a group of animal rights advocates is the first group to speak out about a criminal justice bill that will put lives in danger while letting criminals roam our streets.

What happens when the criminal scene is your home?  New York’s criminal justice reforms could allow suspects to visit crime scenes.

The Beat opines on Not Fare.  

Judge Hopes to Make Decision by Mid-November On Green Light Lawsuit.

Ken Girardin:  Offshore wind to soak upstate.

Please Hillary, give it up already  and enjoy the precious role of being a grandmother.  Hillary Sees Russians!

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Veteran pollster: Don’t believe the skewed, biased polling.

ELECTION 2019: Ulster County executive challenger (our Conservative Chairman, Jack Hayes) says he’s a long shot who gives voters a choice.

Oh Joe, (and other prominent democrats)  how soon you forget what you have said in the past.

Conrad Black writes in American Greatness that Impeachment Will Fail.

Also, in American Greatness, Roger Kimball explains how the media’s attempt to school republicans Is a disingenuous fraud.

Former House lawyer says Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry ‘is illegal’

Why the secrecy, Rep. Schiff?

The Power to Subpoena a President’s Tax Returns Is the Power to Destroy.

Frank Vernuccio writes in that Venezuela was elected to the Human Rights Council – Yes…You Read That Right.

Jimmy Vielkind writes in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) that New York Republicans hammer proposed state Campaign-Finance System over cost.

What was wrong with this jury?  Thank you, Gov. Abbott!  Gov. Abbott: Two Gov. Offices Looking into Case of Little Boy Transitioning to Girl Against Dad’s Wishes

Can we sue them for using the word “nonpartisan?”  ‘Nonpartisan’ Rock the Vote Goes After Electoral College, Embraces Other Liberal Talking Points

While this article is a year old, it is still will worth the read.  My personal favorite quote is the 6th one down beginning with “Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth…”

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.