The Tax Foundation rates New York business climate #49; sandwiched between New Jersey at #50 and California at #48. All run by democratic governors.

The Tax Foundation released its 2020 state business climate index, and unfortunately, NYS is winning the race to the bottom again.  Governor Cuomo, despite all the economic accolades from your press office about how great our economy is, this analysis shows that New York is not heading in the right direction.

Ken Girardin explains in his Empire Center column how Gov. Cuomo makes case against PLAs.

Today’s NY Post editorial:  How to tell Cuomo frets the natural gas shortage: He’s passing the buck

George J. Marlin opines on the need to keep fusion voting in New York.

The Ulster County District Attorney issued a press release on October 7, 2019 on the Bail Reform Bill.  Please read it through to understand the problems New York is facing and will continue to face under total democrat control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of government.  Is this what we want for New York State?  Or is this the reason why New Yorkers are fleeing New York.  Unfortunately, not everyone is in the position to move out of state, so those of us who are left must do all we can to regain control of our government.

What happens on the left coast inevitably finds its way to New York.  So, be forewarned:  California’s War on Citizenship.

We Need More Rapists in Prison, Not Fewer. Why AOC Is Wrong Again.

Roger Kimball writes in American Greatness about how the media attempts to school republicans is a disingenuous fraud.

Steve Moore: It’s a middle-class boom — How Americans are really doing under Trump economy.

From the Daily Signal:  The Real Collusion, and the Lessons of the Mueller Investigation.

Thank you, Congressman Lee Zeldin, for shining a light on Cong. Adam Schiff’s biased questioning that he is conducting behind closed doors.

Larry Horist opines in the Punching Bag Post that this time it IS a witch hunt.

Weapons Displayed at China’s Military Parade Should Be a Wake-Up Call to US.

Parents and Grandparents:  Is it really worth the expense when, as Victor Davis Hanson explains today’s universities breed anger, ignorance, and ingratitude.

Cal Thomas opines on the Hillary-Tulsi smackdown.