The curse of the third term has begun and it rests on Governor Cuomo’s shoulders.

As we tweeted (@cpnys) on Saturday:  Gov Cuomo, now would be a good time to reconsider your bill that allows abortion through the 9th month that you signed with such fanfare last January.  Cuomo huddles with Catholic leaders to honor Mother Cabrini.

On Sunday (also on Twitter) we were quick to remind Governor Cuomo that a leader takes responsibility for his actions.  Cuomo blames the press for his n-word scandal.

Today’s NY Post editorial points out another instance where Governor Cuomo has not shown leadership and refuses to admit he is responsible for the natural gas crisis.    A Wall Street Journal (subscription required) editorial explains how Governor Cuomo’s “habit of bullying others to cover for and fix his policy blunders” is on full display with the current natural gas crisis.   Bloomberg News has more on the crisis here.

Oh dear, another problem Governor Cuomo will try to blame on others:  Cash reports confirm Medicaid gap.

Speaking of not taking responsibility (and creating mini crises), what is going on with Hillary?  The former Secretary of State has seriously lost all ability to be a world leader.  Her unwarranted rant about Russian’s “grooming” Tulsi Gabbard as a third-party candidate for president.  After this military combat veteran put Hillary in her place, she softened her stand and thought it best to be “raising our voices to take our government back out of the hands of the rich and powerful in the special interest?”   Just when you think a democrat had a strong backbone and came to the senses, they bow to the queen of the swamp.

Charles Hurt writes in the Washington Times: Killing Biden — to salvage Obama.

Andrew C. McCarthy opines on the Trivialization of Impeachment.

Guy Benson’s latest:  All Nine House Intelligence Committee Republicans: Adam Schiff is Playing Games and Withholding Evidence

2020 Dems Lean on Myth of Marijuana-Incarceration Link.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Mark Zuckerberg making decisions over my life,” Ocasio-Cortez said.  And then pays Facebook over $425,000 to advertise.  I still have never watched a Jane Fonda movie, play, work-out video or anything she may have on You-Tube; unlike AOC, I live by my principles.

Gordon C. Chang opines for the Gateway Institute International Policy Center:  Do Not Trade with a China that Lies, Cheats, and Steals.

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