Will the cease fire last and other timely subjects.

BREAKING NEWSU.S., Turkey Reach Ceasefire Agreement in Syria Conflict; more from Fox News.

If you are not telling the other person that you are withholding something in order for them to do something, how is it a quid pro quo?

Impeachment Becomes A Psychodrama Of the Press.

Memo to Democrats: A wealth tax is unconstitutional.

California and New York Show the Ugly Face of ‘Progress’

‘Organized destruction’: William Barr blasts ‘militant secularists’ over assault on religion.

What does it take to get sent to jail in New York City?

The Beat writes about reducing the jail population.

Bill Hammond writes this in today’s NY Post:  Blame Cuomo for New York’s Medicaid crisis.

There is a federal plan to bring freedom back to patients and doctors.

If you are caught up in the CDB craze, here are some facts that the FDA wants you to know.

Why Is the Media Ignoring a Law That Hurts Those with Disabilities?

Why does CNN’s fact checker leave out the facts?

The NBA controversy continues:  ‘Believe in something’: Nike mum on China’s crackdown despite standing up for Kaepernick.

The Daily Signal lets us know that the Democrats new bill would drive up college costs even further.

Interesting.  But the Democratic controlled House would never consider passing a bill to achieve this.

Our institutions of higher learning are anything but that today.

New York is so expensive; $100 is worth about $86 in New York—here’s what it will buy you in every US state.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams:  Intolerance in Academia

For our New York City residents. The Party’s website’s home page lists our recommended positions for the 2019 NYC Ballot Proposals.