Why do so many want to destroy the one country that has lifted up so many people and countries?

Be forewarned!  Daniel Turner: Capitalism, prosperity, freedom are worth fighting for. We don’t want to end up like Venezuela.

And if you think for a moment that can’t happen here, read what the new crop of candidates are running on in Brooklyn.

Letting mentally ill homeless live on the streets is a false kindness.

Another tragic result of the new crop of candidates have been getting passed is the idea that “little” crimes do not matter.  Think again.   The latest from democrat socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be abolishing prisons.  Ms. AOC believes a “cage is a cage.”

Senator Warren:  Three major lies and you are out!  This is number two.

Congressman Schiff’s record on impeachment isn’t much better.

Republicans Battle Adam Schiff: Yes We’re Pissed and Americans are Getting Screwed.

Words of advice to elected democrats with “Trump derangement syndrome” –  Be careful what you wish for.

Donald Devine opines on the deep state swamp.

The NY Sun:  Democracy Dies in Darkness, Indeed.

The NBA’s Shameful Hypocrisy Over China.

Trump’s making a big mistake in betraying the Kurds.

Trump’s most vocal allies disagree with Syria pullout.

New study: Not one vaping illness linked to legal e-cigarette pods

Kudos to Richard Ketay!   We need more people like him to speak up.