The US Supreme Court Justices have a busy year ahead…

Kudos to the Trump Administration!  Buffalo news article Trump Admin joining Michael Kearns efforts to stop Green Light law.

Conservative denounce attempts to impeach President Trump.

Charles Hurt opines in the Washington Times:  Impeachment in search of a high crime.

John Gizzi wants to know did NY Rep. Rose’s Change From ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ On Impeachment Finish Him?

Trump Stopped Cold When A Black Supporter Asked to Pray for Him — What She Did Next Floored the Room.

The New York Daily News makes some good points in today’s editorial:  Give us a break: De Blasio didn’t do the homework necessary to support his paid vacation plan.

Another NY Daily News editorial that shines the light on the right point of view.  Love the last sentence.

File this under:  Finally!  Long Island liberals wake up to how green extremism hurts constituents.

More liberals are “woke” and right on this issue:  City council signs letter opposing school oversight plan.

Not all liberals are having a change of heart:  Liberals see oppression in the food aisles.

Michael Goodwin’s common-sense shines through his Sunday column:  ‘Groundhog’ Dems again ‘left’ behind.

Why the tristate ‘pot summit’ won’t settle a thing.

The US Supreme Court returns today and it should be a very interesting year with abortion rights (especially with Justice Kennedy retired), transgender rights and DACA among many other far-reaching cases.  For more information on some of the cases read the Heritage Foundation’s Overview of the Supreme Court’s 2019–2020 Term.

What’s at Stake in Supreme Court’s ‘Sex Discrimination’ Case.

Most likely one of the most important fights we are in in today’s society:  We Must Fight the Sexualization of Children by Adults.

I Spent a Year as a Trans Man. Doctors Failed Me at Every Turn.  (A very touching article by a young lady, led astray by her fears and those who exploit them.)

Can Babies Defeat Marx?  Great article by Annie Holmquist!