1969: a year with historic events evident in today’s society.

Rest in peace, Officer Brian Mulkeen.   This makes our hearts even heavier.  Pray for our law enforcement and first responders.

The tragic result of New York City turning anti-cop.

Sen. Marco Rubio:  Socialism is entirely incompatible with America and its unique, entrepreneurial spirit.

Oh Joe, don’t you know almost everything you say is on a video tape someplace?  Why is it that far too many democrats do not understand the meaning of hypocrisy?   Or ethics and conflicts of interest?

And sometimes it takes too long for people to do what is right.

Charles Hurt’s column in the Washington Times:  Media have only themselves to blame for disbelief in Ukraine scandal.

Good question.  Ukrainian to US prosecutors:  Why don’t you want our evidence on Democrats?  (Note the date on the article.)

Andrew McCarthy ask the question  how about a bipartisan treaty against the criminalization of elections?

‘An Uprising from the Strangest Places’: Sen. Tim Scott on Diversifying the Conservative Movement.

Interesting upcoming US Supreme Court case to be heard this year.  Were you aware of this?

Somehow the socialist who are demanding the US adopt socialism never learned this truism.  The Driving Force of Free Markets Is Empathy, Not Greed.

Nicole Gelinas opines on the gaping hole in the MTA’s new financial plans.

The NY Post editorial explains that the Pols’ business-killing laws are leaving city storefronts empty.

Carranza accused of ‘pitting parents against each other’ along racial lines.

Robert Knight opines on the 50th anniversary of True Grit.  John Wayne versus Woodstock.