Instead of working, the House of Representatives created a circus.

Peter Schweizer: Biden Ukraine dealings – 7 essential facts

Matt Vespa writes in  WSJ Columnist torches every Democratic talking point being peddled in this bogus Trump impeachment circus.

Goodwin: Nancy Pelosi will regret rushing into impeachment push.

Poor Uncle Joe, he forgets there are video’s in which he brags about bribing Ukraine to fire the prosecutor Investigating his son’s company.

More from Uncle Joe trying to deflect the real item that should be investigated.

The real scandal is, according to Peter Schweizer is, foreign governments recruiting family members of American politicians, yet the main stream media would not cover the conflict until a “whistleblower” did their best to implicate President Donald J. Trump.  Is there any wonder why American’s don’t trust the press anymore?

Trump right to question Biden dealings with Ukraine, despite Dem criticism.

6 Key Points from Trump’s Call to Ukraine’s President.

Ukraine Whistleblower’s Lead Attorney Donated to Biden.

Is Hillary still waiting in the wings?

File this under: keeping it in family.  Biden’s Brother Used Former VP’s Cancer Initiative in Business Pitch.

WATCH: Rep. Elise Stefanik Shades Chairman Schiff at DNI Hearing

House Democrats Target Tax-Exempt Status of ‘Hate Groups’ as Defined by Left.

Gov. Cuomo shows little respect for New York’s taxpayers:  Cuomo’s latest ‘triumph,’ gold-plated at your expense.

E. J. McMahon writes about a flawed Fed wage analysis.

Bill Hammond gives his professional insight into New York’s Health Act’s revenue roller coaster.

So flavored Juul products are banned, but flavored marijuana is on its way.  Apparently, Governor Andrew Cuomo is fine with marijuana’s future in New York State.  Talk about your priorities being upside-down, Governor, perhaps you should do some research on the side-effects of marijuana use.

Victor Davis Hanson opines on the death of American citizenship.

Walter E. Williams opines on youth and ignorance.