Welcome to Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up for Sept. 20, 2019.


President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to build a wall, and he is living up to that promise. He showed the world the incredible progress that has been made at the southern border during a trip to Otay Mesa, California this week.

“It’s an amazing project,” he said pointing to nearby Tijuana, just a few hundred feet to the south. “There are thousands of people over there that had been trying to get in.”

“I think really the success is going to be when the wall’s built, when the human traffickers can’t come through,” Trump said to a group of reporters during his visit. “This is certainly a tremendous national emergency.”

The President boasted that 20 of the world’s greatest mountain climbers tested different wall prototypes, and the one he was standing by was the most difficult to scale.

“This is the one that was hardest to climb,” Trump said. “This wall can’t be climbed.”

He also mentioned how the wall was built to absorb heat, which would provide another impediment to anyone trying to hop over it.

“You can fry an egg on that wall,” Trump said.

Trump also brought up Mexico’s role in curbing immigration enforcement demands. Apprehensions are dropping because Mexico is doing their job keeping the illegals from getting near the U.S. southern border. Trump is pressuring the Mexican government with tariffs to keep them honest.

“If Mexico stopped helping us, that would immediately be on the table … and that would pay for the wall many times over,” Trump said.

Heading into next year’s presidential election, Trump is kicking his immigration crackdown into high gear at the perfect time to remind his passionate supporters why they moved mountains to put the man into office in 2016, and why they should do so yet again in 2020.


New York State Conservative Party (CPNYS) Chairman Gerard Kassar made the media rounds this week, talking on state-wide and national broadcasts about the necessity of fighting for conservative values outside of the corrupt two-party system.

Kassar began a busy media junket on Wednesday with an appearance on the “Joe Piscopo Show” on AM 970 before appearing on “Liquid Lunch” with John Tabacco on NewsmaxTV to talk about how the CPNYS represents the values of the average New Yorker.

“They work against what the average individual in New York state has an interest in,” Kassar said of the liberal elites that dominate New York politics. “We believe we’re part of a not-so-silent majority. We’re kind of loud about it. We have hundreds of thousands of voters on our line, but we represent more of a philosophical movement.”

“We really want government off our backs, and we want to live our lives as we see fit with some money in our pockets to spend on what we want to spend it on,” Kassar said to summarize the view of the CPNYS.

Kassar mentioned that he thinks Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren of Massachusetts will ultimately be the Democratic presidential challenger against Donald Trump in 2020 and commented about attitudes that are building against law enforcement to finish the interview.

“There are more bad eggs coming out of our education system … due to very liberal teachers or college professors that just show no interest in expressing what the value is in having an orderly society that law enforcement represents,” Kassar explained.

That same evening, Kassar made an appearance on “Cats at Night” with John Catsimatidis where a group discussion took place about the nature of New York politics and the challenges facing conservatives operating in what has become a solidly blue state.

“The progressives operate within the Democratic Party. The Conservative Party does not operate within the Republican Party, so there is kind of a different way of looking at it. We are a true multiple of what the Republican Party candidate gets if we endorse a Republican,” Kassar said, defending the necessity of the conservative role.

Kassar also published on op/ed in the Times Union defending fusion voting against Democrats who have set up a phony commission to attack third-party political efforts that are a thorn in their side.

“The stakes before the public are enormous. Free speech and the free exchange of ideas would be severely curtailed in New York if Cuomo’s commission isn’t stopped. The Democratic Party machine is working to de-democratize New York for its and Cuomo’s advantage, and it’s doing it while the Legislature is out of session. Alarm bells should be ringing all across the state,” Kassar wrote.

Kassar is keeping the CPNYS relevant in the media landscape as Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s alienates New Yorkers with his tax-and-spend insanity.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo has shown a relentless desire to squeeze New York taxpayers dry, but he has found out that his power has its limits. He was forced to abandon his scheme this week to force the replacement of license plates that are at least 10 years old following widespread bipartisan resistance.

Cuomo wanted New Yorkers to pay $25 for replacement plates and another $20 to keep their original plate number, regardless of the condition of the plate if it was more than 10 years old. A Siena College Research Institute poll showed that the move was highly unpopular, and Cuomo was forced to drop the proposal.

Previously, Cuomo’s administration had shown they were backtracking on the issue. State DMV Commissioner Mark Schroeder made that clear in a statement from August.

“If the Legislature can agree to a cost effective and practical plate inspection mechanism to determine what plates are still in good operating condition after the 10-year life and thus do not need to be replaced we would welcome the opportunity to be cooperative,” Schroeder said in the statement.

Cuomo’s spokesman made the news official this week that the Governor would be capitulating on this issue.

“As the DMV commissioner said weeks ago, this proposal isn’t going forward as we have committed to working with the Legislature to create a plan that ensures plates are readable by law enforcement and cashless tolling systems and creates a process where plates older than 10 years are inspected and, if still readable, can be kept,” Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi said in a statement.

Although the people have won this battle, the war is never over. Cuomo never stops devising ways to cheat New Yorkers out of their hard-earned money. We must stay ever vigilant to keep this aggressive nanny stater at bay.


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