Eighteen years later: the day before New York’s day of Infamy

Kudos to Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato, D-Queens  who sponsored, passed and the had the Governor sign legislation that adds 9/11 to the list of holidays to be commemorated in schools and allows public schools in New York every 9/11 to memorialize the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.  It has been 18 years, since that horrific day etched its graphic images of people desperately trying to survive while police and firefighters ran toward the burning Twin Towers; 18 years that far too many families have only memories of their loved ones; 18 years that still haven’t healed our broken hearts and 18 years that we have resolved to never let America be vulnerable again.  America will never forget that Tuesday morning which began with clear blue skies and hardly a cloud to be found and ended with, flames, concrete dust, twisted steel, and bodies of our family, friends and neighbors amongst the rubble of two towers that were the iconic symbol of lower Manhattan’s skyline.  America was one nation 18 years ago; we must rekindle, remember and respect that we are still that same one nation before our enemy’s believe what they see as our discord is a weakness they can and will exploit.

Tom Wrobleski shares his concern that 9/11 is becoming another forgotten day in American history in the Staten Island Advance.  Well worth the read.

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