Fifty state attorney generals agree on one subject…do you know what it is?

Jonathon Trugman, writing in the business section of the New York Post, has some good advice for you:  Don’t fear a recession — the economy is looking solid and stable.

A breath of fresh air by a member of the up and coming future generation.

The Washington Examiner editorial examines the voter ID issue.

The Bronx democratic primary may be very interesting next year as AOC tries to prevent former State Senator, current City Council member Ruben Diaz, Sr. from winning the right to run in the retiring Congressman Serrano’s seat.   AOC could be political neighbors with Ruben Diaz Sr.

This is BIG news:  50 state AGs launch antitrust investigation into Google.  Albeit, I’m not certain which is the biggest news in the headline; going after Google or that 48 state Attorney Generals unite to launch and antitrust investigation into Google.  (California and Alabama are not on board, but Washington, DC and Puerto Rico are, giving a total of 50.)  National Review has more on the breaking Google news.

These are truly brave men and women.  They are the children of firefighters who lost their Dads on September 11, 2001, also a son of a NYPD officer who sacrificed his life on 911 and the sons of two firefighters who passed due to illness incurred on 911 who are set to join New York’s Bravest when they graduate September 24.  They are not the only members of NYFD who lost their parent on 911.  May God bless them and keep them safe as they walk in heroes’ footsteps.  May God bless all of our first responders who continue to keep us safe and rescue us when needed.

Free money won’t reduce poverty.   And then if that doesn’t convince your liberal friends, give them this to read:  The Destructive Impact of Wealth Taxation.

Border Patrol Announces Drastic Decline in Illegal Crossings since May Peak.   But how long will this last with this ruling by Obama appointed, UC Berkeley educated U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar who  is doing all he can to establish open boarders in America.  Despite what you think Judge Tigar, the black robe, does not give you the right to impose your will on America.