The Democratic Party wants your tax dollars – to pay for their campaigns.

Unelected members of a created commission are preparing to spend $100M on public financing to help fund candidates’ campaigns according to an article by Michael Gromley in yesterday’s Newsday.  Mike Gormley writes that it is almost a foregone conclusion that this will definitely be sanctioned by the commission members and that the elected officials – charged with making these decisions – will abdicate their responsibility and not challenge the Commission’s  decision.  The Conservative Party strongly disagrees with the legislative intent of the Commission and has filed a lawsuit in the NYS Supreme Court; only duly elected members of the legislature – not those appointed by elected officials – have the responsibility to write the laws that govern New York’s citizens.  Read the article to understand just how far Jay Jacobs plans to go with public financing and while he is euphoric about using your money to pay for campaigns, he will be absolutely gleeful if he can end fusion voting at the same time.

Before Mr. Jacobs is overcome with joy, perhaps he should read this:  Cuomo’s Push to Ban Fusion Voting Could Violate State Constitution.  Ross Barkin explains in, that Chairman/Commissioner Jacobs may be counting his chickens before they are hatched.  Former Assembly Member Richard Brodsky, currently representing the Working Families Party, doubts that any Supreme Court Judge will “shrug off three Court of Appeals decisions…”

Then there is today’s NY Post editorial:  Why judges will end up writing New York’s new campaign laws.  The editorial states in part that “the larger problem, though, is the whole gimmick of the people’s elected representatives passing the business of writing new election and campaign law off to a bunch of appointees.”  The NY Post editorial ends with this “The whole thing is making a farce of representative government.”   To this the Conservative Party says:  how true, the men and women who what to use your tax dollars (so much easier than reaching out to you for your financial support) to get elected are willing to appoint a commission to make the decision they are elected to make so they can say, “I didn’t vote to do that.”


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