Nancy Pelosi, what happened? We thought you were the Speaker of the House.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, apologies to Native Americans for mistakes.  Mistakes?  They were not mistakes, Sen. Warren, they only became mistakes when you were called out on them.   A Massachusetts newspaper, the Boston, blasted Sen. Warren for her vile rhetoric that increasingly targets law enforcement.  The Washington Times explains that her plan to “fix America” require $5 trillion in new taxes – and that is just for starters.  The progressives may want her ideas, but it would be you and I paying for them, and we cannot afford one more penny in taxes.

Steven Malanga, writes in City Journal about the cost of bad intentions; Progressive policies threaten a new era of urban dysfunction.

We can also look at the firing of Officer Daniel Pantaleo (see our press release here) as another example of what happens when progressive policies are embraced by local officials.  Every police officer will think twice before they react to situations and that hesitation could very well lead to death of innocent people or the police officer themselves.  As Rafael A. Mangual writes in today’s NY Post: Progressives promote disrespect for cops — at our peril.

David R. Henderson wrote Socialism Has Failed. Period.  Progressives know that socialism has failed, which is why they call themselves progressives.  One can change the name, but the failure will remain the same.

The economy in real life: ‘As good as it gets’  U.S. productivity increases 2.3% in second quarter.  Kudlow: ‘There’s no recession on the horizon’

The fact that the economy is good allows for irresponsible administrations to spend far too much;  Salaries ‘gone wild’: Carranza cronies pocket pay hikes as high as 35%.  And lets the progressives believe that raising the federal minimum wage would be a good idea; however, it would drop the hammer on the most vulnerable workers.

Please Bernie, your ideals are so misguided, isn’t it time to retire?

House Democrats Now Lining Up to Punish Israel on Behalf of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.  Speaker Pelosi when will you control your children?  Or perhaps, you are looking forward to losing you Speaker’s post?