I disparage your country as a Congresswoman, but you should welcome me in.

Michael Goodwin opines that the rot of journalism ethics at New York Times has turned into leftist plague.

Trump must make it clear: The US stands squarely with Hong Kong’s people.

Rafael A. Mangual writes in City Journal that we can’t imagine what cops go through and as you read it, your heart will be touched, unless your name is Chirlane McCray whose organization, ThriveNYC (funded with taxpayers’ money) dissed a cop mental health event over Blue Lives Matter sponsorship.  Petty reasoning; petty people withdrew from helping our men and women in Blue who put their lives on the line every day for every person in New York, including the employees of ThriveNYC.

Rod Watson, writes in the Buffalo News Of bag bans, SAFE Act and more: Time to check the water in brain-dead Albany.  Pay close attention to his last sentence, for the general public, it certainly hits the nail on the head.

Bill Hammond explains in The Torch that health price controls are failing.

If You Want A Reason Why Israel Barred Anti-Israel Democrats from Entering, Just Look What They Wrote on Their Itinerary.

Ilhan Omar blasts decision to bar her from entering Israel.

The Foundation for Economic Education has a great article that every one running on the Democratic line, either for president or even to become a local town official, should read, especially since it is written by one of their own.  What George McGovern Learned from Running His Own Business.

Sen. Gillibrand, at one time a strong supporter of the NRA, now wants to prosecute gun owners who don’t hand them over.

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano:  Doing something to the Second Amendment for the sake of appearance would be disastrous.

Two down; only 23 more to go.

Uh Oh: Guess Who’s Underperforming in Early Primary States — And Who Could Fail to Qualify for Upcoming Debates?

Walter E. William’s asks the question:  How Important Is Today’s Racial Discrimination?