Welcome to the Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up for Aug. 9, 2019



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, in a desperate attempt to buoy his flailing presidential candidacy, squared off head-to-head with Sean Hannity on Fox News Wednesday night.

“I’m never going to agree with you. You drive me crazy!” Hannity yelled at the spectacularly unpopular public official.

Hannity forced de Blasio into defending socialist policies like massive new tax hikes and government benefits for illegal immigrants.

“Do you think right now your viewers feel that it’s OK that the wealthy have as much as they have and pay as little in taxes as they do?” de Blasio said about his proposal to hike taxes.

“I want everybody who’s here (in New York) to get health care because what’s happening right now? Folks go to the emergency room because they don’t have a doctor, and who’s paying for it? The same taxpayers,” said de Blasio of his support for subsidized health care for illegals.

Many liberals are not happy that de Blasio was willing to sit down with Hannity, and the interview did not likely do him any favors with his party’s radicalized base.

“Millions and millions of Americans are watching and we shouldn’t stereotype them,” de Blasio said on Monday. “A lot of those folks watching are working people who are listening to change in one form or another. And I think it’s important to challenge those right-wing voices. And while we’re having a presidential election, we have to speak to all of America.”

The risk may have been worth it for de Blasio, as there was nothing to lose. Polling at zero percent, there is nowhere to go but up for the nation’s worst mayor.


 The Speaker of the Assembly said this week that he didn’t think adding new penalties and laws on offenders was the right solution for the current trend of throwing water on law enforcement officers.  The NYS Assembly’s reputation has always been one of leniency toward criminals. This year they eliminated cash bail for non-violent offenders and supported drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants and passed the DREAM Act that uses tax-payers money to fund aid to illegal immigrants for college.   With this history, it any wonder that the leader of the Assembly would not stand up for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day in order to keep every person safe?

It appears that Speaker Heastie and the democratic controlled Assembly would prefer to coddle criminals than the men and woman who risk their lives to keep New York City safe.

Assemblyman Mike LiPetri, who appeared on America’s Newsroom this morning, is right when he states this is  common sense legislation. When the Speaker said adding new penalties and laws wasn’t the right solution, essentially he gave the thugs carte blanche to continue – and possibly escalate – the attacks on NY” s Finest.


The people of New York must be getting sick of the nanny state, if the approval rating of Governor Andrew Cuomo is any indicator.

Siena College released a poll on Tuesday showing that Cuomo’s approval rating is the lowest it has been since he was elected Governor in 2011. Only 34 percent of voters believe that he is doing a good or excellent job while a stunning 64 percent of voters rated his job performance as poor or fair.

Some of Cuomo’s worst hits as Governor from this year alone include giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, eliminating religious exemptions for vaccinations, banning the use of single-use plastic bags, and mandatory socialist benefits for farm workers.

Cuomo is particularly unpopular with Republicans, independents and residents of upstate New York. Basically, anyone in the state of New York who can’t stand the tax-and-spend Controller-in-chief
at this point.


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