If Mayor de Blasio was foolish enough to believe he had a chance of becoming president, he ended it after last night’s appearance with Sean Hannity..

Assemblyman Carl Heastie, Speaker of the NYS Assembly, won’t back felony charges when the NYPD is attacked by civilians throwing water.  Speaker Heastie said “ that boosting criminal penalties and putting more offenders in prison for dousing is punitive.”  The Bill seeks to amend the Penal Law,  adding throwing or spraying water on the police officers a Class E Felony which does not require jail time.  Speaker Heastie should know a Class E Felony does not necessarily put a person in jail.  Chairman Kassar notes, in the same article, that Speaker Heastie is sending the wrong message.


Cuomo’s stalls again, he likes the system the way it is and will stall as long as he can.

Kudos to Niagara County for filing a law suit over the green light law which allows illegal immigrants to be granted a drivers’ license.

The link between pot and mass shootings may be closer than we think.

Tammy Bruce writes How Democrats exploit a tragedy in their ghoulish play for power.

Andrew P. Napolitano’s article in the Washington Times is one of the best he has written.   Supreme Court: Right to bear arms protected by highest category of liberty recognized by law.

The Daily Signal tells us that guns saved these Americans from assault and robbery in July.

De Blasio spars with Hannity over guns, taxes and Meatless Mondays.

It is shameful that we need a Bill that would allow victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities to sue.

What We Lose When We Erase Thomas Jefferson.

‘It’s a Form of Legal Trolling’: AOC Tries to Brush off FEC Complaints Against Her and Her Ex-Chief of Staff

Do you think “The Hunt” will be Universal’s biggest flop in their history?  Or will the real deplorables make it a huge financial success?

Walter W. Williams opines on Was Trump Right About Baltimore?