According to the left, we are “deplorables”, yet, it is their own actions that are deplorable.

How quickly the left turns on their own is laid out in this article by Everett Piper.  Like piranhas, the left attacks all that do not agree with their gospel and do all that they can to force their agenda on everyone.  Yet it is the right that is defined as doctrinaire.

We are also defined as “deplorables” I have to ask: after reading this who are the deplorables?   Then read this and ask yourself again, who are the deplorables?

Demagogic Clown: AOC Declares Trump ‘Directly Responsible’ for El Paso Mass Shooting.

Al Gore will be quite upset when he reads this:  Former NOAA scientist from climate-change alarmist to ‘denier’

Inslee’s ludicrous climate plan would cost US households $75,000.

“I have no knowledge that…” a favorite quote by those who want to deflect the possibility they knew something wasn’t above-board.   Gov. Cuomo is fond of that phrase and used it again on Monday during a radio interview and then went on to say that a current ethics criticism was “baloney.”

As Chairman Kassar said in the Conservative Party press release today, Cuomo fatigue is being reflected in his poll numbers.

NYPD chief James O’Neill fires back at Cuomo over water-dousing incidents

Heather Mac Donald writes in today’s NY Post:  Why ‘policing is racist’ is such a poisonous lie.

New York City businesses struggle after minimum wage increase.

File this under:  Grasping at Straws.  Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok files wrongful termination suit.