Guns are inanimate; evil people must be stopped.

Seriously Governor Cuomo, is this how you stand up for law enforcement?  The men and women who protect New York City deserve more respect.

America’s collective heart is shattered, once again, by senseless violence perpetrated by evil.  Yes evil.  How else can you explain the cold-blooded killing of 31 innocent people just shopping or having some drinks with friends?  There is no doubt these atrocities must end; the question is how to end them.  It is pathetic that a man who believes he is the right person to lead this nation, exploits this tragedy for the sake of politics.  More gun control, as called for by the NY Post editorial board, is also, not the answer. has a good response to the NY Post editorial board.  The truth is, there are many steps that have to be taken to eradicate the profound evil that is a cancer trying its best to overpower our nation.  We must strengthen families, we have to respect life – from inception to natural death, we must provide respected mental health services to those who demonstrate the need, and everyone should practice the golden rule:  treat others the way you want to be treated.  One can disagree with another person’s views and have reasonable discussions, no one is saying everyone has to agree about everything, but there is no need to be disrespectful of another person’s beliefs.

President Trump is calling for “red flag” laws.  The New York State Legislature passed a “red flag” law this year and the Governor signed it.   The Buffalo News has a rather comprehensive article on how the law would work – in NYS.

Michael Goodwin writes democrats fearing 2020 election scramble for panic button with loser candidates.   Even Bill Mahar thinks democrats are “blowing it” with “left-wing extremism.”

Soros Pours $5.1 Million Into New 2020 PAC.

Editorial: Fix bail laws to give judges more discretion with violent offenders.

The Beat writes about Janus, one year later.

Mayor de Blasio, can you do anything right, or do you just think you are entitled to everything?

AOC’s problem.  Rashida Tlaib’s problem.   Press scrutiny or what happens when you think you are invincible.