Commissioner O’Neill if you can’t stand by your officers, how can you expect your officers to stand up for us?

It is shameful that Commissioner O’Neill is lashing out at his officers instead of standing up for them.  Quoting stats is not how you stand up for the men and woman who put their lives on the line every day for every person in New York City.  The men and woman in law enforcement go to work, not looking for accolades for doing their jobs – a special calling to protect others – rather, they just want to do what they swore an oath to do and not be harassed while doing their job.  At the very least, the NYPD Commissioner should not be lashing out at them, he should be standing up for them.

Bob McManus writes that President Trump is absolutely right about “con man” Al Sharpton.  And he would know from his years of dealing with him before retirement.

Governor, how are things going at the MTA?  Not very well according to an analysis by Comptroller DiNapoli.  Gee, Governor, it has been under your control for how long and it still isn’t up to par.

Richard Carranza is bungling the ABCs of his job; unfortunately, the man is blind to the safety and welfare of the children who are his ultimate responsibility.

The Beat isn’t impressed with Mayor de Blasio’s wanting to take over Con Ed.

This Lawsuit Over ‘Sex’ and ‘Gender Identity’ Will Have Sweeping Implications.

Tomorrow would have been Milton Freedman’s 103rd birthday.  The Nobel winning conservative economist had some great quotes you may enjoy.  I’m having a hard time choosing my favorite, but I will tell you this, I believe #18 describes the Squad.

Rich Lowry opines on the inane, obscene ‘tool of the Kremlin’ assault on Mitch McConnell.

Dennis Prager opines on how to tell If a Trump supporter is racist.

Guy Benson lets us know that the AP already did a fact check on the democrats’ standard attack lines, you may be surprised what the AP concluded.

Prize-Winning Student Film Shows What It Means to Be American.