It may be legal, but is it ethical?

Karen Dewitt filed this article on Political Parties Find Common Cause In Fusion Voting with WAMC radio.

Talk about chutzpah, really, Mayor de Blasio?  Not for anything, but Donald J. Trump, has done more for New York City (and state) than you in your position as Mayor, as Public Advocate or while you were on the City Council.  It is amazing and disappointing that you think he will “not be welcomed back” after his term as President ends.  Then again, it is amazing that you think you could be elected president.

Sen. Sanders should remember what he says; Bernie Sanders compared Baltimore to ‘Third World country’ in 2015, now chides Trump.  The Senator did not having a good week: Sen. Bernie Sanders learned a bitter labor lesson by bowing to unions.  Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), doesn’t think a $15 minimum wage is enough, Ms. Tlaib is advocating for $18 to $20 per hour.

So good common sense in this article by Miranda Devine:  The ‘Pantaleo effect’ proves the city can’t afford to soften the NYPD.


Obviously, everything Governor Cuomo did, as reported in this New York Times article, was legal, but is it ethical?

Dem Gov’s $1 Billion Gift to Party Deputy.  Another question of “is it ethical?”

Sad but most likely true:  Dems refuse to help fix border crisis because bashing Trump is more fun.

Ginsburg Defends Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Calls Them ‘Very Decent, Very Smart Individuals’.

Here is a person who appreciates our great country!  Kudos to her.  Thoughts from a hipster coffee shop on our entitlement/ungratefulness problem….