Will Congressmen Nadler and Schiff come to regret holding today’s Congressional Hearings?

What is it with liberals?  Why do they let a city that has so much to offer, deteriorate to the point that gang members freely disrespect law enforcement officers?  Why is Mayor de Blasio silent and not standing up for police officers?  When is Governor Cuomo?  He rushes to help a stranded car, rushes to rivers/lakes overflowing, makes weather announcements, yet when disrespect is showered on the NYPD, he stands silently by.  Shameful.  The three men, Gov. Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill, all owe the men and women of our law enforcement community an apology for stand silently by.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

When cops get disrespected without consequence, a city falls apart.

Water-bucket warning: Astonishing contempt for cops.

Matt Margolis writes in PJ Media about the time when Governor Cuomo told conservatives they weren’t welcome in New York.  And as Matt notes Gov. Jerry Brown told Californians to leave the state also.  Mr. Margolis notes that by any standard, Cuomo’s (and Brown’s) comments were the epitome of bigotry, not Trump’s.

Being reminded (not that we can forget) of Governor Cuomo telling us that we are not welcome in New York State, is it any wonder, why we are very concerned about the Financing Commission’s ultimate goal?  We are certainly concerned about Jay Jacobs envy of NYC’s campaign financing; “I think we have a model in what the city of New York does,” referencing NYC’s small-dollar-match system as a starting point.  Investigate the waste of taxpayers’ money there, Mr. Jacobs, or doesn’t wasting taxpayer’s money concern you?  But we are more concerned that this Financing Commission is really set on eliminating Fusion Voting.  Is there any doubt that Governor Coumo has a “problem” with our values and has a bigger problem with the fact that the W.F.P. originally endorsed Cynthia Nixon for Governor?

Here is more coverage regarding our lawsuit:  Spectrum 1/NY1 News; The Niagara-Gazette; State of Politics and the Lockport Union-Sun and Journal.

I am beginning to think that George Soros is the most evil man walking on earth and he can promote far too much evil with his ill-gotten money.

Mayor de Blasio:  Gregory Russ is not the right person for the job offer!  

Conservative Action Project: End the Inflation Tax Penalty.

Guy Benson on this mornings Congressional Hearing:  Bottom Lines: As America Yawned, Mueller’s Testimony Damaged Him, Made Impeachment Less Likely.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.