One of the Squad Members thinks we taxpayers have to pay for illegals abortions.

We have been unusually busy today with filing the aftermath of filing a lawsuit challenging the newly formed Financing Commission’s to change and/or abridge state law.  If you are on our email list, you have already received our press release, if not, you can read it here.  Here are just two of the articles regarding the lawsuit: the Times Union, the NY Daily News.

Ken Girardin writes about Gov. Cuomo’s incredible wind-power pander in The Torch.

Why does government always want to lower the guidelines when it comes to education?  Rethinking the Regents standards in New York.

Oh my, imagine if you spent $230 million over 11 years on a system that still doesn’t work properly.  No wonder some of the MTA board members are a little hot under the collar.

2020 Democrats veer further left in bid to discredit Trump’s strong economy.

‘The Squad’ Is Only the Beginning of Nancy Pelosi’s Problems.

Rashida Tlaib Calls For $20 Federal Minimum Wage.

Guy Benson tells us of the latest outrageous statement by one of the Squad members.  Ilhan Omar: America Has a Responsibility to Provide Abortions to Illegal Immigrants.

Really?  Assisted-Suicide Leader Says Eliminate Waiting Periods

Charles Hurt’s tribute to one of the greats who has left us, Wesley Pruden.