Is Governor Cuomo partially to blame for the blackouts?

We hope you were all able to find some relief from the oppressive heat this weekend, unfortunately parts of Brooklyn suffered another blackout, despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo ranting on the terrible service that Con Ed is providing.  Crain’s New York Business rightfully points out in a July 18 article that Gov. Andrew Cuomo really should rethink his ranting since it has been the Governor who has “repeatedly made political decisions that have reduced the reliability of New York’s energy infrastructure.”  Governor Cuomo, perhaps you should rethink your bullying of Con Ed and apologize to New Yorkers.

Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio offers no solutions and a lot of Hot Air.

California’s latest descent into liberal madness – Berkeley bans natural gas.

The liberal mantra is music to many, but as Bernie Sanders is learning, almost impossible to live up to.

More proof of what happens in New York when wealthy residents are punished with high taxes:  mass exodus.

It is well past the time to change how Regents are elected:   Regents get set to guarantee even more bad New York schools.   Speaking of education, New York City deserves answers on the scandalous hiring of Abram Jimenez.

Does the Legislature really know what they passed in the new rent control law?  What Every Landlord And Tenant Should Know About New York’s Rent Laws.   New York’s new rent law could wind up killing rent control (actually, that would be a good result…comment by cpnys) and then there is this article in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) the wages of rent control.

Robert Knight opines on the defiance of science in the Washington Times.

Can’t help but agree with the statement that the NY campaign finance panel is already tainted with Jay Jacobs being appointed to serve on it.  However, we are strongly opposed to the notion that campaigns should have public financing.  The Auburn Citizen should do an in-depth analysis of New York City’s Campaign Financing and they let us know if they still think that is the solution to incumbents being elected.  Seems to me the only time you have a change on the NYC Council, is when the incumbents’ term is up.  Term limits should be one of the solutions.

From the Daily Signal:  Global Threats Make US Defense Spending an Urgent Priority.

How come all the loud-mouth Hollywood types who do little to truly help deserving Americans get all the attention, and a man like Gary Sinise is almost ignored completely?  Kudos to Gary Sinise and the others who do not blow their own horn when they do good things.