The Squad v. the President: Round 3

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We are supporters of President Donald J. Trump, and like many of our readers, we sometimes cringe when reading his tweets.  With that being said, we do not believe he is a racist, but sometimes President Trump does not understand how people react to the words he uses.  Kay Cole James, President of the Heritage Foundation, has an excellent article on the damaging words our President said on Sunday.  Katrina Trinko, editor-in-chief of the Daily Signal, also has an excellent column on how his use of words actually diminishes the good policies that benefit minorities.  Both articles, while rightfully chiding President Trump, show the man as a person truly devoted to the American Dream and wants everyone to benefit by it.  Certainly not what the main stream media has reported all this week.

The NY Sun ran this editorial in its July 16 edition.  Well worth reading, especially for our younger generation that has been short-changed in learning history.

Kudos to our GOP/Conservative Members of Congress!  They did not fall into the democratic theatrical trap they pulled this week and the inappropriate personal attack of Speaker Pelosi on the Congressional floor.

Trump Setting Up Democrats for a Defeat in 2020.

Actually, the Democrats are doing a pretty good job of setting themselves up for defeat with these ideas; Free tuition (no matter how good it sounds to parents, and students, preparing for or in college); Sanctuary cities; denigrating ICE; and silencing free speech.

Obviously, the members of the Squad, never had a time out, nor listened to the pop hit “Let It Go.”

It is time for the Squad to take a deep breath and realize they are novices in Congress and as a Member should respect the institution and President.

Trump Condemns ‘Send Her Back’ Chants About Ilhan Omar.

Really, I thought people who serve on city councils were considered leaders; isn’t it time they grow up?

E, J. McMahon tells us how Governor Cuomo is cooking New York’s books.

Am I being far too cynical when I say this is a colossal waste of time, energy and taxpayers’ dollars;  Taking its toll: Thruway Authority hears testimony from Cuomo Bridge commuters?

Victor Davis Hanson writes that the war over America’s past is really about its future.

Walter E. Williams says in his column things haven’t always been this way.