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Kudos to Kearns!  Kearns takes NY to court over drivers license law.  The Buffalo News article includes a copy of the lawsuit.  Here is Erie County Clerk Michael Kerns on Fox News this morning explaining that granting NYS Drivers Licenses to illegal immigrants violates federal law.

How pathetic is this headline:  When Cuomo demands action, millions get wasted.  Unfortunately, it is so true and no one tells the emperor he has no clothes.

What is going on in California’s education system?  Calif. Teachers Won’t Notify Parents If Student Leaves School for Abortion.  When will parents wake up and take back the responsibility of raising their children?  What the California education system is doing is way beyond the reach of education, it is assuming the rights of parents and must be terminated immediately.  California Parents:  get you backbone and end this travesty before any more eradication of your family and your values takes place.

The Daily Signal has an article on how difficult it is to take back control in the education system.  In fact, they lost.  However, if we don’t do all we can to take back the education system, what will the results be?  We are the parents, we must demand that the education system is not there to teach their definition of family values and change the family values we hold dear to our hearts.

Pediatrician on How Transgender Propaganda Harms Children.

Why Military Families Overwhelmingly Support Education Choice.

Mayor de Blasio shows his true feelings; he “hates” charter schools.  Shameful that he puts the education of children last when he panders to the union leadership of teachers.

The CBO estimates that 17 million people would benefit from a federal minimum wage of $15., however 1.3 million people would most likely lose their jobs.  Let the free market determine wages.  Look at the states that have mandated a $15 minimum wage, it isn’t all roses, business have been forced to close and those who have lost their jobs are not making any money.  Here is the National Review critique of the CBO report.  And then there is this:  Restaurant Group Files for Bankruptcy After ‘Progressive’ Minimum Wage Laws Harm Profitability.  As we noted above, when you lose your job, it really doesn’t matter what the minimum wage is, you are not earning even $1 an hour.

Richard W. Rahn opines in the Washington Times on deleting history, forgetting the past.

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