Daily Update

Lawmakers call for exemptions from NYC’s controversial congestion pricing plan…just note this; the more exemptions that are granted, the higher the cost to those who are not exempted.  They have to make up the money to fund the MTA’s capital needs plan and the irony is that people who, for the most part, do not use the MTA will pay the price.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Parole Board did it again; “Fatal Attraction” killer, Carol Warmus has been freed from the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

Governor Cuomo, a lawyer, knows that the U S Constitution prohibits what is known as a “bill of attainder,” or a law that singles out an individual person for punishment.  Yet, in his zest to please his fellow democrats, he signed a Bill that could allow lawmakers on Capitol Hill to obtain President Trump’s state tax returns, in what has been described as a “workaround” after failed efforts by House Democrats to get the president’s federal returns.  While the Bill does not specifically single out President Trump, it is apparent he is the target.  If, NYS tries to hand over President Trump’s NYS taxes, rest assured, this will end up in the US Supreme Court.

Team Blas is still spending faster than the money comes in.  (Easy to do, when the money is not yours and there is no accounting for it…when you run out, you just up the taxes!)

The Beat writes about cheap rhetoric over real reform.  Poor Richard Carranza, if one really puts the students first, Richard Carranza is not the person one wants to head the NYC school system.

One has to give Governor Hickenlooper credit for being honest when he says this:  Hard to Fundraise When You Don’t Promise Free Stuff.

Priorities gone astray; San Francisco has lost its connection to reality.

Are chemical abortions having a negative effect on women?  Preliminary studies indicate yes, but unfortunately the study says more testing is necessary.

Robert Knight opines on the Washington Times on the Democrats’ open border strategy.

This should be interesting:  President Trump to Hold Social Media Summit.  However, it would be more interesting if both sides were present.  According to article, Twitter and Facebook have not been invited.  Personally, I would like to see them defend themselves.

Guy Benson writes in Townhall.com;  Look Out, Democrats: Trump Surges to All-Time High in Latest WaPo/ABC Poll, And That’s Not All…

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