Weekly Wrap-Up from Chairman Jerry Kassar

Welcome to the Conservative Party’s Weekly Wrap-Up for June 20, 2019!


 Apparently there are limits for the loony left, even with extremist Gov. Andrew Cuomo as the figurehead for New York Democrats. We saw that this week when legalization of marijuana failed in the New York legislature.

 “It is clear now that [the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act] is not going to pass this session,” said Democratic state Sen. Liz Krueger (D), who was the sponsor of the legislation.

 Cuomo is a major proponent of legalization, and hoped it would be included in this year’s state budget, but those efforts failed. The Conservative Party, who has been fighting to keep a strong prohibition against marijuana in place is celebrating a victory as a result of this news along with SAM who joined our New York fight this year.

 “The predatory pot industry wanted legislators to believe that this was simple,” said Kevin Sabet, who heads the anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana. “The industry told people it would rain money for a host of pet projects, that our young people wouldn’t be at risk and drugged driving concerns were overblown. Thankfully, New York’s parents, doctors, law enforcement, teachers and many lawmakers didn’t fall for the con.”

 But the pot smokers  are down but not out, as Krueger notes they will be back during the next legislative session to try their same scheme once again.

 “This is not the end of the road, it is only a delay. Unfortunately, that delay means countless more New Yorkers will have their lives up-ended by unnecessary and racially disparate enforcement measures before we inevitably legalize,” Krueger said.


 Although marijuana legalization failed, a different type of green menace is coming to harm New York residents as a bill is on Gov. Cuomo’s desk that would cripple the New York economy underneath burdensome taxes and regulations meant to stop global warming.

 The “Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act” passed the Assembly by a 104-35 margin and passed the Senate by a 41-21 margin. Gov. Cuomo intends to sign the legislation into law, and far-left environmentalist groups are crowing as a result.

 “New York has now legally committed itself to the strongest climate and clean energy goals of any U.S. state,” said Peter Iwanowicz, executive director of Environmental Advocates of New York. “This will spur innovation, create green jobs, and make New York a true global climate leader.”

 In actuality, the legislation forces the state to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 85 percent over the next three decades. It will also mandate that 70 percent of New York’s electricity come from renewable sources within a decade.

 This means that New Yorkers will be paying astronomically higher prices for electricity until this coercive mandate is reversed. Experts say the legislation’s mandates are not even tenable.

 “Even if you put wind turbines on every square mile of land in the state, you would not come close to meeting the state’s existing demand for electricity,” Manhattan Institute adjunct fellow Jonathan Lesser said. “And you would need to cover most of the state with solar panels.”

 “Nothing New York does on its own will have any measurable impact on world climate,” Lesser added. “Nor, if this bill is signed into law, will developing nations suddenly say ‘Gee, New York passed a climate law. Let’s wreck our economies, too, to save the planet.’”


 President Donald Trump officially kicked off his 2020 re-election campaign in Orlando, FL earlier this week, as he hopes to keep America great with another term in the oval office.

 “Since the very first day I walked through the doors of the White House, I have never forgotten who sent me there,” Trump said to a packed house at his first official campaign rally for 2020. “You did.”

 “It turned out to be more than just a political campaign, it turned out to be a great political movement because of you,” he added. “A great movement.”

 Trump hammered the deep state conspiracy against him to undermine his ‘America First’ agenda during his speech.

 “Our patriotic movement has been under assault from the very first day,” Trump said.

 “It was all an illegal attempt to overturn the results of the election, spied on our campaign, which is what they did, and subvert our democracy,” he said.

 Despite the progress he has made as President to bring jobs and honor back to the United States, Trump made clear that his mission to drain the swamp is far from over.

 “The people trying to stop our movement are the same Washington insiders who spend their careers rigging the system so your losses will be their gains,” he said. “You know that.”

 He made clear that stakes are high, and that support for him in 2020 is crucial to keep the radical Democrats at bay while they wage war against the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

 “No matter what label they give, a vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and destruction of the American Dream,” Trump said. “Don’t ever forget, this election is about you. It’s about your family, your future, and the fate of your country.”


 –Single typo in state bill would have automatically registered non-citizens to vote. 

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