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This was a known fact prior to democratic legislators voting to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses: Loophole in law granting illegal immigrants driver’s licenses could lead to voter fraud and they still voted for it…the cynical part of me thinks it could be because they only wanted the votes.    Here is Chairman Emeritus Long discussing the issue on Currents TV.

Again, the democratic controlled state, is dreaming the impossible dream.  Previous standards have not been met, yet, this bill, that caters to the AOC’s of the world, thinks it will be able to end fossil fuels.

In their haste to become progressive, the democratic majority is not thinking issues through.  Here is another example of proposed legislation that will accomplish the opposite of what the intent should be:  A rush to regulate PBM’s.

This is, without doubt, a federal case to watch.  Rest assured; it will reach the US Supreme Court:  Girls file federal discrimination complaint after transgender track wins.

Tom Homan: Trump is right to order illegal immigrants deported – Dems didn’t complain when Obama did it.

Was the reason that recreational marijuana apparently failed due to the fact that the leaders could not decide how the tax revenues would be distributed?  Seriously?  As we have noted many times, there is an opioid and drug crisis in New York (and the rest of the nation) and legislators are more concerned about distributing tax revenue than the health and welfare of their constituents.  Truly, their priorities are up-side-down and detrimental to New Yorkers!! (Be prepared, the legislative session is not over yet, so the horse-trading goes on and recreational marijuana could still pass, especially when you read the Tom Precious article and become aware of all the Plan B’s that are being considered.)

Google will tell you that AOC graduated from Boston University Cum Laude.  If BU graduated AOC with a Cum Laude degree, a word of advice to parents considering Boston University:  Rethink your decision to send your child there.  Congresswoman Ocasio- Cortez continues to insult the intelligence of New Yorkers, and still insists that America has in the past and presently forced people into concentration camps.  Maybe she just cut the important classes and it really isn’t Boston University fault she is blind to the truth.  Strange that ACO doesn’t have a bio posted on her congressional websiteKeep up the pressure, Bill Hemmer, AOC must apologize, not only to those whose families were condemned to death in the concentration camps, but also to all Americans who gave their lives and saved the world from the atrocities of the Nazi regime.

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