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Those who serve in the NYS Legislature, take an oath to uphold our constitution.  They accept the responsibility to write laws that they expect people to abide by.  Yesterday, when they deliberately passed a bill that rewards people who are known to have NO respect for the laws that govern New Yorkers, they broke their oath and made a mockery of law-abiding citizens.  When the Governor signed said bill, he also broke his oath and sanctioned law breaking in New York state.  Why obey any laws now?  The elected officials who voted to give illegal immigrants a NYS driver’s license, do not belong in the NYS Legislature.  Governor Cuomo, who played the issue like a Stradivarius, signed the end of his political career when he signed the most flagrant disregard of the law that was passed to keep New Yorkers safe after the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001.  We will not forget.

State Dems thumbing noses at rule of law with illegal immigrant licenses.

Licenses for illegal immigrants: An outrageous political rush job.

Rensselaer County Clerk, Frank Merola, is my hero.

Abortion until the baby takes their first breath, no bail, hard core felons released from prison, rent control that will drive landlords to poverty, driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants and now, New Yorker’s can look forward to higher food prices.  Who is going to continue to live in a state where their government has no respect for them?  If our good citizens do not make their voices heard, it will not take long before New York is similar to a third world country.  Take a look at California.

NY’s ominous new rent regs.

Mrs. Clinton, about those emails

Did AOC actually attend any classes at all?  This has to be the most outrageous, insulting, offensive, bellicose, pugnacious statement ever made by a sitting US Congress person.  Visit Auschwitz, stand in what remains of the camps, close your eyes, listen, take a deep breath, you will see, hear and smell the true horror of a concentration camp…then maybe you will realize what a contemptuous statement you made.  UPDATE:  AOC doubled down!

Another Member of Congress who obviously needs to go back to classes…and clearly in a college that teaches history, not revisionist history.

He Grew Up Under Socialism. Now He’s Urging Young People to Reject It.

This college lawsuit was the needed pushback against the ‘woke’ apocalypse

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