Daily Update

Trump’s big win on Mexico and immigration.

National Review reminds us that former VP Joe Biden was never pro-life despite the fact that he pretends to be.

Sweeping plans from 2020 contenders come with trillion-dollar price tags.

Good Advice:  When Albany plays Santa, hold on to your wallet.

Drive to let kids, inmates vote just another sign the left is nuts.

Court strikes down ban on outside income for state lawmakers.   This is by no means over just because the court ruled on one part of the law suit; it remains an issue to follow very closely due to the fact that the law suit has two distinct sections; first the pay raise (your money) and second the outside income.

Speaking of your money:  Census figures show that Cuomo’s ‘Buffalo Billion’ isn’t working.

Forget tariffs; if you are concerned that your food prices will go up, rest assured if the NYS Democratic controlled legislature passes the farmworkers’ rights bill, food prices will skyrocket.

Legislators also ignore the pension piece of “prevailing wage.”

The Beat writes that prosecutors are going soft on crime and that the number of homeless in NYC is still far too many.

Congressman Katko and Congresswoman Stefanik were supportive of our opposition to allowing NYS become a sanctuary state.  Unfortunately, most of the press corps failed to cover our press conference and enlighten the citizens of New York State.

If the Siena Poll is accurate and Gov. Cuomo’s ratings have spiked, why are so many New Yorkers leaving the state?  Personally, I think the Siena Poll should give a little background (both sides) on an issue before asking the question.  For example, on questions 21 – 25, shouldn’t respondents hear both sides of the proposal?  Just a thought.

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